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The LA Art Show Returns 2023

Updated: Jan 11

Under the leadership of pioneering producer and director Kassandra Voyagis, the show will celebrate art—globally and locally—and inspire important dialogue. The 28th edition of the show will have a larger global lineup than ever before - with galleries from S. Korea, Japan, Europe, etc. - along with events & performances. Returning for 2023, the fair’s signature curated program DIVERSEartLA, a cultural and educational anchor for the LA Art Show, will continue its curatorial focus on the global climate crisis through a variety of installations, immersive experiences, and performances.

The LA Art Show is an international art experience like no other, with over 100 galleries, museums, and nonprofit arts organizations participating. All exhibiting works will be available for purchase.

LA Art Show 2023 highlights will include:

● Modern + Contemporary: the largest section at the LA Art Show exhibits a vast selection of contemporary paintings, illustrations, and sculptures from galleries in Los Angeles, the Pacific Rim, and around the world.

● The European Pavilion: dedicated to European galleries, the European Pavilion returns for 2023, showcasing curated exhibitions that highlight contemporary movements and stylistic developments in Europe.

● The Japanese Pavilion: new this year, introducing more than 10 galleries from Japan.

● Contemporary digital art: As the first live show to showcase the NFT craze two years ago, LA Art Show will continue to introduce attendees to the incredible trend in digital art, showcasing more eye-catching art trends.

Purchase your tickets here!

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