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For Artists, By Artists.

A print and digital publication, building digital experiences and providing opportunities for the art community.

The ColorBloc Mission

We are an artistic collective that encourages artists of all media and genre to explore ways to stimulate art and reimagine the world. Where do we begin? With the artist themselves. Working within ColorBloc Magazine (ColorBloc) lies a passionate team of diverse creatives that each contribute to the production and distribution of every publication. Each issue strives to preserve and showcase art in varied publication formats –

print, e-magazine, public exhibition and online media. 


ColorBloc Magazine aims to give a platform to artists who may not have access to creative resources and opportunities, highlighting their diverse works and perspectives on meaningful themes and building upon their artistic identity and style. 


ColorBloc represents the broad spectrum of creativity from a fresh viewpoint, cultivated by a curated team of diverse creatives and artists. Globally celebrating the creative community by bridging gaps within our creative spaces through networking mixers, pop-up workshops, and access to management resources and business opportunities. The vision for ColorBloc is to share the legacy of an artist and be the platform that expands our understanding of art, cultural representation and artistic unity. This is us, a new kind of art community.


ColorBloc Magazine

Welcomes all creatives.

  • Writers

  • Painters

  • Dancers

  • Musicians

  • Stylists

  • Photographers

  • Sculptors

  • Designers

  • Actors

  • Make Up Artists

  • Hair Stylists

  • Creative Directors

  • Videographers

  • Visual Artists

  • Performing Artists

Los Angeles, 2019 Cover Release Party

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