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Issue Theme: 

Eating and creating are human impulses that will always exist. For their part, the use of culinary activities as a conceptual expression has burst over time as more and more artists use these activities as a recurring theme, muse, and message in their work.  As a vital function, the creative cuisine of today seeks to heighten the senses and many of us relate our traditional cooking skills to family recipes that embody a sense of nostalgia, family, and belonging to a close community. In this issue, we will take a bite out of the culinary arts and indulge in our unique experiences that nourish the soul.

The theme of the issue is "Taste of Cuisine" .

Your work must incorporate the element of food

either as an object, figurative shape (drawing,

MUA), recipe, poetic form (song or literary) or

any other contemporary form.

Please follow ALL Submission Guidelines

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Submissions close 10/31/21