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  • How can I get featured?
    ColorBloc Magazine offers various opportunities for artists to get featured. For a feature on our social media channels tag us @colorblocmagazine and/or use #colorblocmag and we may repost and use it in the future. We cite all content with the original credits/acknowledgments from all contributors and content creators that contributed to the work submitted. For a feature on our online and/or printed publications, you must submit during our open submissions and/or submit an exclusive proposal. *Please note, with the exception of press releases, only exclusive content that has not been published or posted on social media will be accepted. Also note, any submission that does not provide a professionally-organized submission portfolio, thorough photo-story, video-story, essay or press release will be declined.
  • How many printed issues does ColorBloc publish?
    ColorBloc publishes (3) themed printed issues each calendar year. Other ColorBloc works may also be published in addition to our annual issues, upon which we will occasionally add additional submission dates. Visit our submissions page or follow us on Instagram to find the latest information on submission dates and issue publications.
  • When is ColorBloc open for submissions?
    Open submissions are (4) times a calendar year. We may have additional times for open submissions which can be found by visiting our submissions page. Subscribe or follow us on social media to stay updated with submission information.
  • What do I need to include with my submission?
    Your submission should include your completed checklist and portfolio. Review and read our Submission Guidelines on our submissions page for the full list of documents and size requirements acceptable for your submission.
  • Do you accept multiple submissions from different genres?
    Yes, ColorBloc Magazine embraces multi-genre artists. Artists can submit multiple submissions in different genres. You will need to create separate submission portfolio for each submission. There is no guarantee that all submissions will get accepted or published.
  • Can an artist submit video and audio files?
    Yes, artist(s) can submit video and audio files, as ColorBloc publishes digital issues every year. In addition, each issue will be avalible in digital copy and additional formatted files can be added as well. All media must be submitted via WeTransfer. Check our submissions guidelines for specific requirements.
  • Am I able to email my artwork for a feature?
    No. We do not accept emailed submissions. For a feature in our printed issue, a ColorBloc exclusive or any other published feature you must submit via our website. Visit our submissions and get featured pages for more information and to submit.
  • Do you offer modeling contracts?
    We do not offer modeling contracts or artist contracts.

For any general questions or info you’d like to share about news worthy arts and culture events, fill out the form below: 

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