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MUNKUS, the 2022 SAFW New Talent search winner presents their SS23 collection at SAFW

(Which translates to “time”)

During SAFW show on the 20th of April, designer Thando Ntuli showcases 7 looks on the runway, with the rest of the collection being worn by Thando and the Friends of Munkus: Yasmin Furmie and Ponahalo Mojapelo,who are women the brand respects, loves, and looks to as beacons in the fashion industry.

Jewellery featured on the runway is a collaboration with GASM Studios which will be

released with the clothing and all made available for pre-order in May.

In a personal statement about the collection, Munkus shares:

When I first came across Marshall McLuhan's famous phrase, "the medium is the

message," coupled with the concept that the loss of identity drives people towards

nostalgia, it instantly resonated with me. I began to ponder about how nostalgia can serve

as an escape and a means to find solace in our memories and imagination. It dawned on

me that we do not necessarily feel nostalgic for things we remember, but for things we

have lost, and it's this feeling of loss and time that shapes our nostalgia.

With this in mind, I embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery in the SS23 collection

titled “Isikhathi,” which translates to ‘Time.’ I wanted to create a narrative that would

connect with those who might feel disconnected from their past. I began conceptualising

this collection by mirroring my childhood, with its freedom and creativity, producing the

ideal inspiration for me to explore. I chose to focus on childhood as it is a time when one

has little to no responsibilities, enabling one to move away from the pressures of the

present and the mystery of the future. By delving into that period of my life, I was able to

break free from the pressures of the present and future and seek refuge in my past -

something stable that I could use to identify my true self, in contrast to who I am now.

Approaching the collection with the perspective of a child - curious, open-minded, and

unburdened by preconceived notions or limitations - was crucial. I used a playful take on a

kids' colouring book to create a visual story that was both entertaining and meaningful. The

application of patterns and colours was intentional, as they mirror a child's perspective and

imagination. Each piece was designed to evoke a different emotion or memory from my

own childhood.

MUNKUS finds inspiration in the generational line of women in Thando's life, with the collection "Isikhathi" being the chapter showcasing the designer's experiences.

In longing to push herself creatively and tap into a child-like wonder, this collection is fun, while also having a deeper meaning that invites the viewer to explore their own memories and identity.

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