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From Potential Prodigy to Producer with Promise; Nascent

Updated: May 31

Nascent is a producer and musician who has been living and breathing music for a majority of his life. A Mexican American Chicago native, Nascent has been responsible for helping to create hits with artists like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, SZA, Chance the Rapper and Brent Faiyaz to name a few. We had the chance to speak with him about his upbringing and life story, along with his musical journey and thoughts about what it is like to maintain a career as a successful and sought after creator.

Photographed by ZACH SULAK

Your producer name is of interesting origin. Please tell us how it’s pronounced and what inspired the name?

It’s pronounced Nah-Scent & I found the word on my aunt's homework lol. I thought it looked cool and decided that was my name when I made music. It means emerging , coming into existence. The definition also said showing potential. Ironic how my journey has been mainly working with up & coming artists.

How do you feel like your upbringing and cultural roots have inspired your musical creation and talent?

It has everything to do with it. I’m just expressing my surroundings, my influences. The environment is filled with rage and soul and that’s the duality we need.

What would you say is the day in the life of you as a producer at work? Can you share with us one of your favorite songs that you have produced?

Depending on the day , I’ll start by responding to texts and emails. Go boxing. Come back and get ready for the day. Cook something, make a beat. Chop a sample. Record some ideas I have for concepts for songs. Play some 2K & GTA. Some days I’m traveling or I’m getting ready for a big jam session. Either way I always try to be creative and intentional with my work. I don’t try to force it, but I do understand the importance of “putting free throws” up everyday. One of my favorite records I’ve produced is “He Got The Gas”. Perfect description of what plays in my head or how I feel.

Tell us about your first big collaboration. In what ways did it highlight that your career was taking off?

My first big collaboration was 50 Cent. I did that with my former production partner QB and it changed our lives. That showed me and us that the sky wasn’t the limit lol, it was past that. We could do whatever we wanted.

Based on your experience working in the industry, what do you feel like are the perks of being in the seat of the producer? What about being the singer/rapper?

The perk is being able to express yourself. Whether that be as a producer or artist. The ability to be in tune with that source where we receive this inspiration is the real gift.

Mental health is important as the life of an artist has its ups and down. How do you maintain a sense of groundedness and mindfulness while juggling the industry?

It’s super important to have the tools to be able to deal with the pain that comes with this. So many times we’re waiting for music to come out, for a check to clear etc. I believe therapy has allowed me to have those tools, and also just maintaining a level of being in the middle. When things are up, stay in the middle cause that will change. When things are down, stay in the middle cause that will change too.

Since you’ve been in the industry for awhile, we’d like to know your personal view on how you feel music has transformed over time.

There’s more access to making music. There’s more access to sharing it as well. That’s a double-edged sword. I have no complaints though. I listen to what I like. I do what I want when I want and I get to work with so many amazing artists coming up. I’m not mad at it. Now the business, that’s different. The game is set up to exploit artists. Our lack of information and for some, the environment, doesn’t allow us to think about the future. We sometimes end up in deals that our future selves wish we never signed. Once you start thinking about the next 10 years, then you’ll make different decisions. I promise you that.

How do you think you have evolved in the way you manage your career and the waves it comes with?

I saw that the table I wanted to sit at wasn’t that cool or even smart. My partner Ty Baisden showed me a new way and laid the blueprint to succeed independently. I’ve followed it, shared it with others and put my money where my mouth is. I want to have the least amount of people in my pockets, equity. Ownership and creative freedom. My whole career I never got offered a pub deal. It wasn’t til Good Days that I started getting calls, but by then it was too late. I knew my true value. So when I would tell these guys what I wanted for an advance they thought I was fucking crazy haha, but it’s all a game. What's real? How do you motivate someone who doesn’t value what you do? All they saw was a number that they couldn’t afford. All I needed was someone to put me in the room and show me what they could do for me.

If you could go back and speak to your younger self, what advice would you give him?

Relax. You’re going to do everything you said you were going to do and more. Keep going.

What was your overall motivation to become as successful as you have been throughout your career?

I wanted to end generational cycles. I wanted to prove to myself I can do anything I set my mind to. I'm a competitive person. I wanted to prove to all those people who hated and doubted me that it’s only gonna get worse before it gets better lol. I also appreciate the love and support for sure. i’m human though

Songs produced by Nascent:

What has been your most unforgettable career highlight?

It’s between the 50 cent placement in 2009, the first Grammy with Kanye, and the time I passed Dr Dre’s test at his studio. We gonna save that story for another day.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you recently?

I dropped a beautiful body of work called “Don’t Grow Up Too Soon”

If you could pick any song to describe this chapter of your life, what would it be?

“Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

How do you hope your art inspires its listeners?

Look inside and heal what doesn’t serve you anymore. It’s not that scary. I promise you. You can do ANYTHING you want. Be stubborn. BE CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT, Know that there’s more than one way to get somewhere. I’m leaving a legacy behind. My music gonna be appreciated years and years and years from now. But that’s ok. I know why I'm doing it. For the people.

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