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De La Soul's Exclusive YouTube Documentary: Chapter 3 - Premiering June 7-14

De La Soul, the groundbreaking hip-hop trio known for their innovative sound and thought-provoking lyrics, is set to unveil their highly anticipated documentary, Chapter 3, on June 7 through June 14. This revealing documentary will give fans an intimate look into the iconic studio sessions that led to the re-release and remaster of De La Soul's legendary catalog.

Chapter 3 captures the essence of the creative process as Posdnuos, Dave, Maseo, and producer Prince Paul come together for the first time in almost thirty years. The documentary offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the music-making process, showcasing the dynamic synergy between the group members and the artistic vision that has defined their music for decades. De La Soul's catalog is celebrated as one of the most influential in hip-hop history, with albums like "3 Feet High and Rising" and "De La Soul Is Dead" shaping the landscape of the genre. The documentary delves into the inspiration behind these iconic albums, exploring the themes and messages that have resonated with fans worldwide.

Fans can tune in to watch Chapter 3 on De La Soul's official YouTube channel, as well as on the band's Facebook and Twitter pages and official website. This limited-time showcase is a rare opportunity for fans to get an inside look at the creative process of one of hip-hop's most revered groups. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of De La Soul's studio sessions and witness the evolution of their groundbreaking music. Mark your calendars for June 7 through June 14 and prepare to be captivated by the storytelling and artistry of this legendary hip-hop group.

View the live-stream presentation series, broadcasting daily in different time zones. The schedule is as follows:

June 7 - Los Angeles, CA, USA - 3 PM

June 8 - Sydney, Australia - 3 PM

June 9 - Chicago, IL, USA - 3 PM

June 10 - London, UK - 3 PM

June 11 - Paris, France - 3 PM

June 12 - Seoul, South Korea - 3 PM

June 13 - São Paulo, Brazil - 3 PM

June 14 - New York, NY, USA - 3 PMie

w the live stream presentation series, broadcasting

* The documentary’s last day will be followed by “The Magic Number” music video premiere..

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in different time zones. The schedule is as follows:

A - 3 PM


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