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They say music has the power to change lives. Marzz’s story proves it. Growing up as the daughter of a minister the church continues to have an indispensable influence for Marzz both personally and as an artist. Marzz has always had a connection with music. However, she didn’t always have the same confidence she has today. While on a journey of self-discovery throughout adolescence the demure Marzz found music to be a therapeutic source where they were able to discover and pursue their passions. They realized that although they were meant to be loving, caring and helping others, their true purpose was to spread love through music and inspire the world through song. After deciding to follow their love for music the R&B singer had earned the attention of fans through uploading freestyles and covers on Instagram, the social media platform that’s become known for discovering new talent. While the music covers and freestyles had been steadily gaining traction with fans, it wasn’t until the R&B freestyle video of them singing along to Jhene Aiko went viral and caught the attention of legendary producer Timbaland.


In what was one of the most exciting moments of Marzz’s career, the producer reached out to her about working together on a few tracks. These songs would later appear on the singers debut EP 'Love Letterz'. Influenced and inspired by some of the greatest singers in music Marzz is leaving a lasting impression with her voice. The latest EP shares stories about the roller coaster of emotions one goes through in love, a phenomenal body of work, With songs like 'KMS' and 'FYM' Marzz’s soothing vocals paint vivid relatable stories of relationship ups, downs and self-discoveries. With 280K listeners on Spotify, Marzz’s burgeoning music career is taking their career to new heights. Today, Marzz already performed amongst some of music’s most celebrated artists. From going on tour with H.E.R to performing on the Late Night Show. Through “focus and faith” Marzz is climbing up the latter of success. The sky's the limit when it comes to Marzz's future in music. While Timbaland may not have foreseen that he would also help launch her music career, they will always be grateful to him for the opportunity he gave them.  And you can bet that there's more to come in the future.


We’ve all heard about the importance of self-love, but how many of us are actually practicing it? Our society encourages us to be dependent on external validation rather than taking care of ourselves. But your self-esteem and confidence matter more than you might think, and if you can learn to love yourself first, everything else in your life will follow suit.


As we conversed with Marzz, we understood how much of the energy we put out into the universe, the love we spread to others comes back to us. Daily affirmations can enhance confidence, and allow us to reach new heights in our life. The reality is coming to terms with who you are as a person, and loving yourself will help you reach your full potential. 


Learning how to love yourself can be difficult, but there are plenty of ways to reinforce your self-confidence and appreciation, whether it’s learning how to love yourself through little acts of kindness or incorporating self-affirmation into your everyday routine.

ISS13 ‘Era of Creation’

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