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Born Tyrone Walker on the 21st of May 1990, the Harlem MC, Style Icon, and avid ATV Rider is setting his sights on elevating his brand with debut album 1840 Lex. Building an illustrious track record of world tours, fashion collaborations, and pushing the boundaries of an extreme sports lifestyle, his applied patience and efforts to finding his groove have resulted in a record deal with AWAL.With smash singles “1990” and “100 Rounds” leading the rollout campaign of 1840 Lex A$AP TyY shed more light on the album, future plans, growing in Harlem, how he got signed, his latest style collaboration, and the impact of the pandemic on his life.


New York City is, as the saying goes, a "melting pot," with people from all over the world crowding its streets and neighborhoods. This cityscape has given birth to a wide variety of music styles and numerous notable cultural contributions.. This issue highlights various creatives that call NYC home. 

ISS11 'Special Edition: New York'

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  • Product Type: Premium magazine
    Product Deminsions: US Letter, 8.5×11 in.

    Pages: 98 

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