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Muzi The Zulu Skywalker Decodes The Multiverse Imagined In His Latest Album, "Interblaktic"

Updated: Nov 18, 2021


Imagine that you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. A space where autonomy has your name written on it, where you can dream endlessly and chase what is yours fearlessly. As you digest the fact that you are in this place, you discover another version of yourself before you. They are free in spirit, dancing and taking in all the air. This new version invites you in and gives you the freedom and boldness you felt was not within your current self's reach. In this place, time, and version of yourself, there are no strings attached, and the one thing required of you is that you surrender to possibility.

On his latest release, Interblaktic, Muzi the Zulu Skywalker, not only imagines this but travels through it with his visuals. The South African DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer ushers us into our highest selves and creates a dimension in front of our eyes that is bold, unapologetic, and profoundly spiritual in its expression.

Mama left me with some extra sauce. Integrity intact, black skin, free man. Love it or move over.

Although an alternate universe is defined by hypotheticals, the visuals that Muzi creates challenge us to move away from the dimension of the hypothetical and position this multi-verse as an organic philosophy. Interblaktic does not try to be an apostle for escapism but rather wants to mold what we consider hypothetical and alternate into a full-fledged experience in our reality.

Interblaktic's philosophy is to bring imagination and the possibilities of dreams into our core perception of existence.




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