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Giovanni Canela photographed by Brandon Laurent

Food & Art
Behind the scenes of beauty and glamour in any editorial or commercial shoot is the A team. This issue will take us behind the lens and uncover the diverse talents of the individuals that piece together the final look.


Giovanni Canela styled by Sequine Lee

“In my eyes modelling is my calling, so I truly want to be the best to ever do it and I will continue to work meticulously until I reach that point”
- Giovanni Canela
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“We are better in numbers...Fashion is all about storytelling so continuously keep telling your stories because your stories matters
- Sequine Lee

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Spotlight Features 

"No More Boring Looks!"

Elsa Yranzo is a food designer, art director and curator. She runs the Creative Food Studio Bcn in Barcelona, where she designs, curates and mentors projects with food. Her goal is to bring new links between food and people through design, art, and beauty. She's worked for Carolina Herrera, BMW, Mcallan, Rituals among other brands, companies and museums. Elsa researches and disseminates content such as new scientific experiments, ingredients, recipes, spaces, utensils that push the limits of the kitchen to show how the rituals of making and eating can connect us culturally socially and politically.


MUA by Milo

Photograpy by Kornelia Kulbacki


Photographed by Taia Norwood    Styled by Tiana Spence       MUA by Briana McEntire      Nail Tech by Destine Holly

Tiana Spencer

"Just because something may be different, it doesn’t

mean it isn’t beautiful regardless if it’s hair, makeup, body size, & etc., there is always beauty to be found even in it’s simplest form which is something we must appreciate in our every day lives." -  Taia Norwood

"Seeking Solace" Challenges The Hegemonic Norms Of Sexuality And Gender


BY Nkateko Mondhlana

featuring Assante Ameen, Buhle-Bontle Satsha, Gomolemo Moime, Lisa Nontobeko Dywashu, Mpho Patane, Okgabile Dickson, Thabiso Mothibi Mokhatshane 

photographed by Lonwabo Kente

styled by Namhla Thiwani

Gender and sex are forms of recognition which function through normative power to delineate what bodies ought to be in society. This is because when a child is born, the doctor declares whether they are a “boy” or “girl”. This informs the system within which the child comes into being that is socially and culturally coded. Thus, sex and gender are hegemonic norms which alienate beings that are different, which reiterates the history of pride. — Nkateko Mondhlana

BTS VIDEO filmed by Hlengiwe Mkwayi, edited by Nicole Langa


Muzi, the Zulu Skywalker

Imagine that you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. A space where autonomy has your name written on it, where you can dream endlessly and chase what is yours fearlessly. As you digest the fact that you are in this place, you discover another version of yourself before you. They are free in spirit, dancing and taking in all the air. This new version invites you in and gives you the freedom and boldness you've felt was not within your current self's reach. In this place, time and version of yourself, there are no strings attached, and the one thing required of you is that you surrender to possibility.


Stylist/Designer Jacq

photographed by Jon Dailey III


Singer/Songwriter Jimmy October

by Corri Latapy

​Mimi Blaque

Born Ifeoluwaposimi Omotade, she was raised in Nigeria where because everybody is Black, it’s not a significant identifier. But on coming to the U.S., Blaque found that the opposite became the case: “You’re not Nigerian anymore, you’re not African; You’re Black.” This was a humbling experience and coupled with people frequently butchering her name, she decided to adopt a new persona, one that would embody her full identity while being “digestible” (immigrants everywhere can relate). And so, “Mimi Blaque” was created over a pretty mundane kitchen conversation with her mother. The name is equal parts alter ego and equal parts a declaration: “I’m here, I’m bold, and I’m Black.”


Janelle Craig, photographed by Akin George

creative directed/MUA by Mimi Blaque.

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