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The Boys Season 3 Finale Interview with Laz Alonso, "Mother's Milk"

Amazon Primes hit show, The Boys, has wrapped its craziest season yet, with the Season 3 finale premiering last Friday. While setting up one of the most epic battles to date, the finale gave much-needed closure for star Laz Alonso’s character Mother’s Milk, who finally gets revenge on Soldier Boy. In an exclusive interview, Alonso reflects on MM’s Season 3 journey, his struggles of being a single father and trying to break generational trauma, and how his unveiled past created his OCD.

Photo provided by Amazon Primer

First off, I just want to say thank you for your time. I love the boys and just recently finished episode seven last night. As we know, The Boys has become a social phenomenon. For those just catching on, how would you describe the show in a nutshell?

I would describe the show as a mirror. We try our best to mirror society and kind of shine a light on what we're currently doing, what we have done, and how we've justified a lot of crazy shit that's happened in real life. And the fact that our world is so over the top. It's pretty fitting for a lot of the stuff that we're highlighting that happens actually in our everyday life, you know, that we've normalized that we've accepted it, but it's pretty ridiculous when you see it in our, in our setting. So, you know, we just kind of try our best to shine a mirror at society and be like, you know, we got work to do. We got work to do...


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