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Sainvil's Journey Of Self-healing Comes To Pass With His Latest Offering, "They're All Goblins"

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

One of life's many undisputed perspectives is that the healing journey isn't linear. Be it a season of breakthroughs and growth or the challenge of a crumbling relapse. Unraveling and rebuilding is a process of trial and error.

In the wake of global lockdowns, deaths, and the torment of the COVID-19 pandemic, the human will has been tested in unimaginable ways. Amongst those who transformed trials into triumphs, rising Alt-R&B singer/Songwriter Sainvil became no stranger to introspection.

Enjoying the success of his previous EP 2020 Was Hijacked, a productive use of the time COVID gave us to slow down and give our lives a second look thrusted Sainvil onto a mental and spiritual journey which formed the musical therapy session that is his latest offering They're All Goblins.

While the album's mood carries a rather festive spirit boasting up-tempo futuristic fusions of trap music, pop music, live music, and a gushing wave of euphoric EDM, the subject matter unearths the intimate reflections of his inner conflict.

Poised through the guise of preferring the noise than confronting the silence, Sainvil unpacks themes of loneliness, lust, toxic relationships, and facing one's Goblins, which in this instance is a metaphoric manifestation of your trauma in acts such as self-sabotage.

Bosting singles such as “Too Many Times, "OOUU," "On My Own," The 13-track offering boars features such as rising rap star Yung Baby Tate ” and fellow Miami-native, GRAMMY Award-winning rapper and producer, BEAM.

The Haitian firstborn of Alamo Records continues to shower us from his oasis of R&B, trap, and alternative styles, which sequenced into a rollercoaster 30-minute listening session delivers ecstasy to his fans, intoxicating them with the essence of what made them fall in love with Sainvil.

They’re All Goblins continues to carve Sainvil as a staple household name in the alternative scene, sparking the anticipation of his career trajectory. Taking the lead of the new class of Alt-R&B artists, Sainvil is ready to take center stage!

Enjoy the music video for the second single of “They’re All Goblins Tough Times Below

They’re All Goblins Tracklist

01. "LAB"

02. "Too Many Times" feat. Yung Baby Tate

03. "Too Tough"

04. "Alone (Interlude)."

05. "Monophobia

06. "Guilty"

07. "They're All Goblins (Interlude)"

08. "OUR"

09. "Bad Girls"

10. "Sak Pase" feat. Flipp Dinero

11. "On My Own" feat. BEAM

12. "Karma (Interlude)"

13. "Heal Myself"

Stream They’re All Goblins Here

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