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On The Spot - Ayon: Unleashing the Raw Essence of Life Through African Tribunal Music

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

One luminary stands out with her alluring combination of old-school hip-hop, African influences, and lyrical genius in the enchanted world of musical creation, where creativity knows no bounds and borders become mere illusions. Ayon, real name Ayanda Mfeka, comes out of Durban, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa's thriving metropolis, as a formidable force. Ayon's music reflects her many inspirations and spiritual upbringing because she was raised in a female-led home. She expertly combines the traditional spirit of Africanacity with the ethnography of Western hip-hop as an enthusiastic rapper, vocalist, and composer.

Ayon's musical voyage commenced within the immersive tapestry of the an array of influences which shaped her artistic and expanded her horizons as her creative palette took on new hues. Curating a distinct sound aprly titled African Tribunal music, which artfully unveiled the intricacies of African rituals and societal challenges, Ayon found her creative approach forever altered.

At the core of her latest project, "SKHINDI SABESUTHU," lies the intricate tapestry of life itself—a fascination with its ceaseless transitions and the remarkable phases that shape our existence. Ayon's artistic evolution becomes palpable as she fearlessly immerses herself in her element, delving deeper into her roots and the personal journey that underpins her musical endeavors. “SKHINDI SABESUTHU” exudes an unprecedented rawness, a testament to her uncompromising authenticity. Within the depths of this #OnTheSpot interview installment, Ayon unveils profound insights into her creative alchemy, drawing back the curtain on her musings, inspirations, and soaring ambitions.

Watch “Ay’ Suke” Here:

What was the inspiration for your new project? Can you tell us more about it?

To be honest, The inspiration for my new project is life itself. I'm fascinated by how life works, as in the transitions that occur regularly, so I centered this piece around different phases I've managed to pass through and am still trying to get through. So it's a build on this close to me.

How does your current project compare to your past work?

Well, the difference between this project and my past work is that I'm finally allowing myself to step more into my element and connect more with my roots & self to produce work that speaks to me first and those who are a part of this journey with me. And this project is so raw and the realest I've ever been.

What creative space are you currently in?

My creative space right now has never been filled with so much hunger for knowledge and freedom. It is literally based and focused on exploring this sound that I'm on more and researching where this sound originates from and its history.

When you make a decision about a creative direction or style for a song, do you stick to it, or do you often change the original concept?

When deciding about a song's creative direction, I usually do what speaks to me at that moment, so do I often go off-topic and allow my creative juices to take over? Yes, I do because I never wanna limit myself when it comes to my creativity or style...I always tend to go overboard and allow it to get personal because that's where my creativity speaks.

What does your creative process look like? Was it different for this project?

My normal day-to-day creative process looks like an unprepared speech or an unexpected moment, meaning I don't have one creative process but many because creativity with me strikes at any given moment, going back to my fascination over life's day-to-day transitions, which I write about; hence that's where I get creative because I'm a visual person. When I write music, I have to be looking at something physically or mentally, so I'd describe my creative process as fluid, which is the route that I took with this whole project.

Who's currently influencing your life the most?

Right now, I am heavily influenced by many people who've played a considerable role in my life and contributed to my growth, which are the 2 most essential ladies in my life, my mom and grandmother because of their resilience & and my friends because they have helped me grow more into myself and craft.

What's the best piece of advice you've given?

The best advice I've been given is to do what speaks to you and do it gracefully regardless of what others feel about it because, at the end of the day, you're speaking on your journey, and no one else has a say about that besides you.

What's the phrase or saying you use almost every day?

The phrase I use almost every day is a Zulu phrase that says "Ngeke ngihlulwe into engakhulumi," meaning "I can't be defeated by something that doesn’t speak,” and I apply that mentality every single day so I can go even harder.

What's the hardest change in your life you had to go through?

The hardest change I had to go through in my life was adjusting to starting over and learning to rely on myself and do things independently.

In your opinion, who do you consider to be a visionary?

I consider my late grandfather to be the greatest visionary I've ever known. The man could turn nothing into something and achieve things that no one thought would be possible for him to achieve because he wasn't educated and wealthy enough, but he beat the odds and challenged the status quo.

Name your current secret obsession?

My current obsession is Law and Order series and Anthropology series for some crazy reason that I don't know...that's where my obsession and fascination are these days.

Artists are impactful in so many ways. How do you want to impact the world with your artistry?

I wanna impact the world with my artistry by inspiring people to do what speaks to them and live for themselves rather than others ...and not allow anything or anyone to keep them boxed in. With that being said, I want to educate people about our culture and embrace our differences through music which brings us all together at the end of the day and provides a safe space that brings peace and happiness in this chaotic world.

When was the last time you tried something new? What was it?

The last time I tried something new was last year in December. At the time, I was really into trying things that would push me out of my comfort zone, So I tried zip lining across some forest in Drakensberg for 30 minutes. And I was scared as hell, but I loved feeling the adrenaline and the experience.

What are you Manifesting for 2023?

For 2023 I'm Manifesting bigger shows with a larger audience, more exposure, and proper recognition for my sound in and outside my country. I just want to be located in the right place that will help my art reach.



Connect With Ayon

Instagram: @ayonnseptember



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