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Introducing The Maad Artist Collection: Made For The Genius In You

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

You know that age-old saying that every genius is a little mad? Well, here at ColorBloc Magazine we have something for your creative genius! What's all the rage about?

Introducing The Maad Artist Collection, the ColorBloc art and apparel shop that houses a variety of apparel items by artists, for artists.

From tote bags to T-Shirts and Hoodies, our custom-made packaging, message and love poured onto our product screams that we are Maad about you!

What's your flavor:

  • The Maad Certified Hoodie

  • The Lift off Tote Bag

  • The Best Seller Artist Tee?

You do know there's more right? Shop now and get a 10% Discount of your first purchase. Subscribe now to ColorBloc and get 25% off Magazines and a FREE Maad Artist T-Shirt.

What are you waiting for? Go off the hinges with us mate!

Shop Here

The MAAD Artist collection by ColorBloc Magazine is merchandise made for artists, by artists. Representing and supporting creativity for artists around the world through art and apparel.

Stay tuned for more.


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