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Hoosh talks Rolling Loud , Music and Mental Health

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

When it comes to versatility Hoosh is an artist that embodies that very meaning. From R&B, Alternative to Rap, there is no genre that Hoosh isn't afraid of exploring, he lets the production lead him to create the perfect melody and crafty bars. Inspired by life experiences, Hoosh is an artist that will captivate you into a world of music you can truly feel. With over 60K monthly listeners on Spotify, his melodic tunes are heartfelt and real, his single "Kabasa" has reached over a million streams and he recently released a new single "Dirt Bag". We got a chance to chat with Hoosh at this year's Rolling Loud California.

What is it like performing in front of a live audience?

Man, that is my favorite feeling. Being able to perform music on stage, it's kind of like an adrenaline rush, mixed with like a high. And you honestly feel it even when you get off the stage for a little bit or for a couple of hours after. So it's an adrenaline rush.

What goes into preparing for a set like Rolling Loud?

So vocally, I do warm-ups, I do exercises, and meet with a vocal coach leading up to the actual performance. So that's like, over an extensive time, right before the show, I have these vocal warmups that my vocal coaches are coming up with. As far as like, physically, I like to stay fit and make sure that my cardio is good. For shows. I try to eat good. So that's another extensive thing. And then also just having my attention, right. And knowing why I'm doing the performance, you know, I'm here to perform and obviously going in a good way or to the best that it can.

Your music is very versatile. What is your approach to the different styles and genres of music?

I honestly let the production Take me wherever. So as soon as I hear the production, the first thing I'll do is, I'll freestyle over whatever beat it is. And then that'll either steer me into like a very melodic route, or a very just like rap drop bars type of rap route, or a mixture of the two. So I kind of let the production lead me and then as far as what I do, when it's a melodic one. It's less focused on the preciseness of the lyrics, and more so the feeling for me, but when it's like a strictly like bars, wrapping one, I feel like that's where I like, get way more precise. On the writing set, I try to be you know, I'm saying at that level with both, but I just feel like in the nature of singing songs and doing things like that, or I mean, in the nature of having songs where you're seeing more, it's gonna be more of just like that feeling. You know, I'm saying that kind of like, that's, yeah, just that feeling.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Life man, mainly my life and the lives of people close to me, or around me. And in the lives of people that I like, you know, I just met for the first time or that I get to have an encounter with just life in general, bro, just the ups and downs that we go through, and how we persevere.

Speaking of ups and downs, mental health is really important. How do you handle the ups and downs in an industry like this?

So that's a really good question, man. I've found that trying to be as healthy as I can, physically, spiritually, and mentally is the best route to action. So what I mean by that is like, I really try to take the time to exercise and eat, right. I try to pray as much as I can. I try to, you know, kind of do things like journaling and affirmations and stuff like that, just to kind of keep myself on a positive route and keep myself visualizing whatever it is that I'm trying to achieve, or you know, whatever it is, that's going to be the best-fit life for me. So I think doing all those things, helps me stay at a base level where I can handle the ups and downs. Because I feel like you can have ups and downs, especially in an industry like this is going to be drastic, but the more things you could do to make sure that you're at a balance base level where you're not fluctuating up too much and fluctuating down not too much. You handle the ups and downs.

What are you manifesting for 2023?

The best version of myself in total. And then also, more specifically, the best artists, I want to really just level up all forms of my music, whether it be performing, whether it be the lyrics that I'm putting down, whether it be coming up with melodies or a combination or a thing that I'm doing musically. I want to take it to the next level. So I'm manifesting me at my best version and all those facets.

Fans are anticipating a new project soon. Is one on the way?

Absolutely, man, I got a steady stream of singles. And then I have a couple of different projects that I'm looking to drop. So I can't give any dates on those right now. But excited to share that with everybody.

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