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An inside look at SIXX6's UNHOLY UNION collection

Mangaliso Ashely Ndiko

Interview curated by Xolisile Khumalo

Using the medium of fashion to bring into light conversations often shied away from, Creative Director and Designer of local brand SIXX6 Mangaliso Ashely Ndiko takes on the route of bringing forth the “depiction of every perceived translated to clothing to create a dreamy euphoric hell which is ironically the heaven we all desire, true freedom’ with his latest collection offering “UNHOLY UNION”

While Mangaliso takes careful consideration into the materials and fabric used for his brand as it is a conscious with being an eczema-friendly brand, he used Tye Dyeing techniques to create his desired pastel colour palette, ensuring that the color tones throughout fade into each single piece intentionally depicting a psychedelic trip. The Collection has 3 looks and each piece of the collection is inspired by different factors that are however still in the same breath of communicating what Mangaliso would describe as “UNHOLY UNION”

I first encountered Mangaliso at SA Fashion Week 22’ where he was showcasing his collection that was focused on reducing the amount of consumerism and this was communicated through making his collection include sports adjustable components under the New Talent Search and right after his collection went through the Runaway, I remember loving the collection so much that it sparked an interest in me wanting to engage him about this craft.

It was unfortunate that I did not have the chance to meet Mangaliso after the show, but I am a firm believer in what's meant to be, so what better time than now to have the conversation I have been anticipating with the designer.


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