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ISS13"Era of Creation" featuring Marzz

Interview and photography by Je.Todd

Discovering True Confidence: The Art of Being Yourself & How Daily Affirmations Can Enhance Confidence and Help You Reach New Heights


Styled by Jon Dailey III in MercyxMankind

They say music has the power to change lives. Marzz’s story proves it. Growing up as the daughter of a minister the church continues to have an indispensable influence for Marzz both personally and as an artist. Marzz has always had a connection with music. However, she didn’t always have the same confidence she has today. While on a journey of self-discovery throughout adolescence the demure Marzz found music to be a therapeutic source where they were able to discover and pursue their passions. They realized that although they were meant to be loving, caring and helping others, their true purpose was to spread love through music and inspire the world through song. After deciding to follow their love for music the R&B singer had earned the attention of fans through uploading freestyles and covers on Instagram, the social media platform that’s become known for discovering new talent. While the music covers and freestyles had been steadily gaining traction with fans, it wasn’t until the R&B freestyle video of them singing along to Jhene Aiko went viral and caught the attention of legendary producer Timbaland.


In what was one of the most exciting moments of Marzz’s career, the producer reached out to her about working together on a few tracks. These songs would later appear on the singers debut EP 'Love Letterz'. Influenced and inspired by some of the greatest singers in music Marzz is leaving a lasting impression with her voice. The latest EP shares stories about the roller coaster of emotions one goes through in love, a phenomenal body of work, With songs like 'KMS' and 'FYM' Marzz’s soothing vocals paint vivid relatable stories of relationship ups, downs and self-discoveries. With 280K listeners on Spotify, Marzz’s burgeoning music career is taking their career to new heights. Today, Marzz already performed amongst some of music’s most celebrated artists. From going on tour with H.E.R to performing on the Late Night Show. Through “focus and faith” Marzz is climbing up the latter of success. The sky's the limit when it comes to Marzz's future in music. While Timbaland may not have foreseen that he would also help launch her music career, they will always be grateful to him for the opportunity he gave them.  And you can bet that there's more to come in the future.


We’ve all heard about the importance of self-love, but how many of us are actually practicing it? Our society encourages us to be dependent on external validation rather than taking care of ourselves. But your self-esteem and confidence matter more than you might think, and if you can learn to love yourself first, everything else in your life will follow suit.


As we conversed with Marzz, we understood how much of the energy we put out into the universe, the love we spread to others comes back to us. Daily affirmations can enhance confidence, and allow us to reach new heights in our life. The reality is coming to terms with who you are as a person, and loving yourself will help you reach your full potential. 


Learning how to love yourself can be difficult, but there are plenty of ways to reinforce your self-confidence and appreciation, whether it’s learning how to love yourself through little acts of kindness or incorporating self-affirmation into your everyday routine.


Who is Marzz?


I would say I'm, I'm definitely one to like, not really care what other people think. And I just, you know, um, embrace who I am and I just try to show love. I'm a very loving person and I'm always goofy, always. I'm always trying to like, you know, put a light in the room, just uplift everybody.


Your R&B freestyles are quite iconic. What made you share your talents in such a way and how did you use social media to cultivate your success?


A lot of the time when people hear me sing in high school, they were always just like mesmerized or they’d be like, damn, like I really needed that. Like I just touched them and that made me feel good. And I start realizing that my voice is like a weapon and I use it to heal people. You know, my intention is when I open my mouth, I speak lessons, positivity and hopefully just comforting, you know, like just sharing the love honestly. Knowing that, I'm just like anybody else, we all read the same and I definitely relate and I'm sure y'all can relate to me.

Speaking of your voice, getting co-signed by Timberland is pretty major and we got to see a little bit of your studio session together on YouTube. Can you tell us a little bit more about that experience and how you went from the DMS to the studio?


I posted a freestyle on Instagram. I did a Jhene Aiko freestyle, I had just started getting into Instagram when I posted that and started getting views...I was asleep and out of nowhere my phone started buzzing. I was like, bruh, like my phone tripping, you know, thinking something going on, like I got hacked or something, but Tim reposted me. I was like, bro, what? I woke up out of my sleep and I started crying. I was like, bro, this is crazy. I went to his page and I was like, bro, this can't be freaking Tim. You know, I'm over here investigating. I'm like, this really him. He hit me in the DM like, “Yo, your peen game is crazy.” I was like, this is crazy. I kept saying…I can't believe it. He was like, “We gotta work.” I was like, bro, let's go! Like, this is a once in a lifetime. Like this shit crazy. I might be working with Tim. I got there, he flew me to Miami. I'm sitting there…mad, nervous. I don't know what to do. He walked in there and I'm like, you know, being respectful…“Like how you doing”, he's like “Bro bring it in.” He talking about a hug. I was oh shit, okay, let's go…He's just so down on earth, super genuine. And I appreciate him for bringing me out of my element. Cause I ain't the type to like really rap like that. But I was just exploring stuff and him just being in the studio, just hearing the little stuff that I was doing and just like messing with it, just like, yeah, like I felt proud. I was like, yeah, this shit crazy, I was super proud. Just crazy.


That's a really cool experience. Just to happen so organically. So from jotting down your thoughts on a notepad to performing at the B.E.T soul train, can you take us back to that moment of first being on the stage? What did that feel like for you?


I ain’t gonna lie, it was a little overwhelming…literally what really blew my mind. Like I sang in front of Jazmine Sullivan. Like I literally loved that…just like looking at her in the crowd and seeing her shake head, it was just like a really good feeling. I know I made her proud and being in this place where Whitney Houston was at that really blew, like I was like, I'm just, I'm just super grateful to be here. It was a real humbling moment…But honestly again, like spread the love. Like when I leave, I just hope y'all are touched by me.

Did you have, did you have a backup plan when it came to doing music or was this your original plan?


I was supposed to go to college. I was supposed to go to Duke and study in ology science, all my life I’ve done music but didn't know if I wanted to take it serious but literally like two weeks before I was supposed to go…One day I was just like, I just wanna do music. Like, this is really where my heart is at.


You stated that you've overcome challenges of self discovery. What advice would you give to someone going through some similar struggles?


I would say just stay focused on self and honestly have faith. Like don't give up and no matter what comes your way shit is gonna get hard, like, no nothing's gonna go extremely perfect. But as long as you keep faith and keep believing, keep pushing and you work, nothing's gonna be handed to you, you gotta work, as long as you work and you stay focused on what you need to do. That's all that matters for real and that's some real shit right there. Like stay focused, focused on yourself, just make sure you, you know, you’re right within yourself.

That's so true. You speak of not letting people's negativity hold you back or affect you. How did you get into this space in your life? Is it just something natural, or was it something you kind of had to train yourself to do?


Yeah, it was definitely something I had to grow into. I feel like I still now, I struggle with that, but not as bad, but I think about it as if we're meant to evolve, to change. So therefore embrace that, don't think that it's something weird or it's different. Like it's okay to try different things and new things like just because you try something different doesn't mean it's gonna be permanent, could be temporary type shit. So don't be afraid of change for real. I just took that and really just, that was how I'm thinking now. Like that's my mentality now. Like just go for it.


Like of course, think, be smart, but what's gonna hurt, you know what I mean? Think about your pros and cons at the end of the day, if you really feel it genuinely in your heart, if it feels right, then go with it. You're gonna regret not going with it.


Speaking of change and going with the flow, you gave us a sick flow and some bars on FYM, if you could collaborate with any rap artists, who would it be? And also,  a follow up question with that. Did that just come naturally, while you were recording the song, or was that kind of something, you know, kind of pre-planned?

Somebody I probably wanna collaborate with for sure. Well, he's not really a rapper but I think it'd be cool if me and Chris brown would hop on something that would be crazy. But with FYM it was definitely something just, I was just in the studio and I'm just like messing around. I do these references on my phone. I was just mumbling stuff. And then I go back and go listen and just, you know, put words to whatever I mumbled and it became magical.

Like it was just smooth. Like I was like, oh yeah, this crazy. And I kind of wanted to show my personality a little bit. Cause I stay goofy in the studio. So it was just kind like, okay, like, fuck it.


Photographer | Je. Todd  |  @jetoddd

Creative Assistant | TJ Jones | @hustleandnap

Stylist Jon Dailey | @jondailey_

Clothing MercyXMankind | @mercyxmankind

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You can also undoubtedly hear gospel inspirations through your music. How important is it for you to keep grounded in your music roots?

It's definitely something that is just soulfulness from gospel music and just me being raised in the church and just actually I'll go along with energy and stuff. And like the way that gospel music just makes me feel in general, just definitely is something that you need to have in rotation, mental wise. Cause it's just very, very therapeutic for me. Um, but it definitely is. It helps me stay motivated and keep going through, very motivation.


KMS it's becoming a fan favorite. Can you tell us a little bit more behind the meaning of the track and what inspired it?


KMS is really one of those songs where I was just like, I love, I'm kind of lusting for love, but kinda like beauty and the beast. It's not all what it seems to be but you still love that person, but you’re just killing me girl. Like, I don't know what else to tell the person. I love you, but you killing me, but I’m thug it out. But then again, when I'm gone, what you going do type shit.


So love letters takes us through a sensational love journey that so many can relate to. In any of your relationships, what was the hardest challenge that you faced?


I would say outgrowing somebody, letting go of that. You know, you be like you, right person, wrong time. I really believe that but it's one of those things like maybe they'll come around, but outgrowing somebody that shit hurt. You know, like a rebirth… but you gotta figure it out. Like what's meant to be is going to be, you can’t keep fighting it. Like I don't wanna keep all that baggage stuff. I can't do it. Swear, you once it start tearing me down, you start wearing me out. I gotta go. I gotta remove myself.


Speaking of love, language, what is your love language?


Acts of actions, I guess, and gift giving, I'm such a thoughtful person. Like they just lost a tooth. Like, I'll go get you a gift. Cause you lost the tooth. Like, I dunno. I like seeing the reaction of people, the joyfulness, you know?


It seems like you give a lot, what's the quickest way to Marzz’s heart?


Blunt and some nature, I swear, I’ll have a good old time by myself, listening to my music and a blunt and I got my water good to go. That's what makes me happy.


Getting into your fashion a little bit, we always can count on you to wear a fresh bandana with every fit. What does the bandana symbolize for you? When it comes to your overall look.


That's my black girl crown…Let it be known I'm proud of black queen walking, proud of who I am and I don't care what anybody has to say and I'm gonna be me regardless. It's me. It’s my melanin and I’m proud of it for sure.


As a LGBTQ artist, um, how important is it for you to stay true to your authentic self?


It's very important…you have to just carry yourself, you know, respectfully, you know what I mean? And I know it's a lot of young girls looking up to me and hopefully, you know, they get inspired by me just being proud of who I am and they relate to a lot of the stuff that I'm going through relationship wise and personal wise, you know what I mean? Really just understand that. Keep embracing who we are, honestly. Like there's nothing more in this world that anybody can care less about.


But regardless of that, just keep embracing who we are and you have people that surround you that support and love you all together. So that's all that matters. Like you have more people that are with you than against you. So think about it like that.

You say it's important to speak, affirmations to yourself. What affirmations do you tell yourself daily?


I'm beautiful. I can do anything that I put my mind to, I would be successful. Nothing will hold me back. I'm very, I'm very, what do I say? I have this new one, I'm trying to figure out a better way to say it, but I am not who others think of me to be, but what I'm becoming, you get what I'm saying? As in don't let other people try to put their faults and stuff on me because I know what I can achieve type shit, uplifting things, you know what I mean? Love affirmation.


You're really big on positive energy. What random acts of kindness do you think should be performed every day?

Definitely I'm just say hygiene, like treat yourself with love and care. Like your body is a temple, you know, so make sure that you're doing that. I'm gonna say that, honestly, just checking in on other people, you never know what other people's doing or going through. Like even if they don't text back, send that text, you never know if they may need it. That, that text that they give from you may be the very thing that save them. You know, just honestly just showing love, like passing on, you know, paying for somebody's groceries. I do that, trying to do that every once in a while, but you know, I see somebody that's on the street that is hungry. I go get 'em some food, you know, something nice like that.

That's good energy and in a good way to kind of carry your life. I think just all of the positive energy that you have, in the last three years, your life has changed dramatically, performing on the late night show, performing with H.E.R, going on tour. Can you tell us about those two kinds of big performances, does it all still feel like a dream?

Definitely, listen…they told me I was doing the Late Night Show and I'm like the Late Night Show? It was just a super fun environment. I was super grateful again to just be there and just, you know, share my music with people and just vibe with them, so now I literally just take this shit, like this is beyond crazy. I love it, but I'm just grateful, like this shit crazy. That's all I can say. This is crazy. Like lord, thank you. Let's keep going. Like this is crazy.


We know you just wrapped up tour with H.E.R. How was that, you know, being on tour? How was that experience for you? And are you ready for your own tour?

H.E.R was so freaking precious, she was so sweet. So down to earth, she came to see me before I performed and just gave me words and affirmation, just telling me that I can do this. And honestly just giving me so much encouragement and love. And I was just super taken back that I was like, oh, this is a once in a lifetime where like me sitting here, she's two years older than me, but I've literally watched her do everything. Like from her being Gabby Wilson to H.E.R, like just seeing how she is and just in-person,  it was just super inspiring. Her work ethic is so crazy. Like it just really inspired me to like go hard, like work and go crazy, just have fun with it and going out there and being on all these like big stages, like it was familiar a little bit because like I would perform in like churches like the venue we was at it was so different rather than being in an atmosphere where people was judging me, like church wise, rather than people actually relating and fucking with me and actually like understanding where I'm coming from.


So just that whole transition really just pushed me and really let me know that I'm loved and know that I'm not alone. So it felt really good to experience that and really just be around so much love I did. I was just over excited. I was like, oh my God, like crazy. The adrenaline was just going dumb.

You just previewed a song on Instagram. Is there anything you can give us a little insight on, when can we expect it? Any albums coming?

Oh yeah, we definitely got some new shit coming baby this month, next month. And when we get the next project coming soon, so y'all stay tuned for that. Videos coming out, we have so much content that I cannot wait to share. Super excited for that.


Photographer | Je. Todd  |  @jetoddd

Creative Assistant | TJ Jones | @hustleandnap

Stylist Jon Dailey | @jondailey_

Clothing MercyXMankind | @mercyxmankind

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