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Rhythm & Culture Digital Issue

Who doesn’t love to dance? Whether you’re a competitive dancer or enjoy vibing out to your favorite songs in private, dancing brings people together

A passion for dance promotes self-love and inspires creativity to blend your cognitive, motor, and social abilities. Even if you don’t have rhythm or poise- flexibility, grace, or professional training, dance awakens us into the moment to discover new things about ourselves through movement.
Growing up, I’ve never been the one to really vocalize how I felt. I would either write it out in a letter or dance out how I feel. My relationship with dance is like therapy to me-- it’s my safe place. With dance, I am able to truly express how I feel through movement.
- L​a​’S​hyra C​ourtney

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Issue Theme:

Focusing on movement, composition and motion many artists voice their creativity through dance as an evolving langue. As it exists today, the reality is that dance stems from a rich pool of artistic forms including traditional expression and cultural education that incorporate diverse influences.
This issue will explore the aesthetics of movement and rhythm, the relationship between the art of dance, it’s history and the cultural nuances that inspire us to move.
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Kyle “Grim Chim” Seeley

Kyle “Grim Chim” Seeley was raised in Prince Georges County, Maryland and was turned on to entertainment at an early age through watching Michael and Janet Jackson music videos. He began training professionally at Suitland High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Dance Program. After graduation he received full scholarship to prestigious schools such as Washington Ballet School, Dance Theater of Harlem School, Joffrey Ballet School, Alonzo KIng’s Lines Ballet School as well as The Ailey School where he studied all genres of dance and choreography for three years and has had the honor of performing with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.


"We believe dancers are best served when they are fully immersed in a real-world, training experience in order to test their limits, hone their unique skills and develop their artistry and technique.


DEViATE Dance aims to create these

experiences, within a nurturing

environment, by challenging the

conventional ways to better prepare

dancers to Go In and Stand Out!"

Rainfall is apart of Kerri Garrett and House of Productions' "Longshot:
Atlanta". Longshot: Atlanta is a dance visual series that unites Atlanta’s
dance community and underground music scene. Five musicians, five
choreographers, and five core dancers were selected to work on this series.
Rainfall is a celebration of the beauty and sensuality of Black women.

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