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Theme: Street Fashion and Individualism: The Art of Color Theory

In street fashion, there are dueling forces representing each of us as bystanders in a fashion show. This style of fashion approaches the intersection between ordinary people and their creative self-expression. The individualism behind this style can be found on any street through the appeal of the act(ion) of dress. Where there is street fashion, there is a playground of colors with meaning and emphasis. On an ordinary street, our color choices communicate the truth of our creative identity in an unwavering way. We invite you to share your work on the way fashion and color come to life for you every day.

Your creation could be in any form that you prefer - a painting or drawing, a photograph, written essay or even a short film. Show us your unique perspective on Street Fashion and Individualism. Unlock your imagination and let your artistic vision shine. Submission deadline May 31st, 2024 at 11:59 pm PST.

To submit, please complete the form below. 

Please review our 
Submission Guidelines prior to submitting.

You can incorporate the theme as an object, figurative shape (drawing, sculpture), short essay, interview, poetic form (song or literary), style-expression or any other contemporary art form.

DO NOT submit any photos that are currently posted to social media or have previously been published in another publication. 

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