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Theme: 'A Homage to Cinema'

Storytelling serves as one of the oldest and most valued forms of communication. It was a way our ancestors shared tales of noteworthy events of their time and passed down their culture to the next generation. As a natural part of recording our rich experiences and traditions, stories help us share ideas and ways of life, inspire through life lessons and connect us to different parts of the world. Indigenous peoples employed strong oral storytelling traditions, using pictograph paintings and spoken word to track historic events and communicate creative stories and cultural beliefs. Ultimately, we've preserved our shared histories and connected past, present, and future generations through storytelling. Today, it continues to be a powerful way to get messages to various audiences, and with the ever-growing rise of television and film, it has made it easier than ever to create platforms for storytelling of all kinds.

In this issue, we'll look at the film industry's great works through different lenses. You're empowered to use your creative side and create an original work that displays a captivating moment in the film. This moment could be a scene from a classic movie with a heartwarming message that has stood the test of time, or it could be a scene from a more modern film with a tense action sequence that has had a significant impact on your creativity. The choice is yours.

Your creation could be in any form that you prefer - a painting or drawing, a photograph, or even a short film. Show us your unique interpretation of a moment in a film that has moved you. Unlock your imagination and let your artistic vision shine. Submission
 deadline July 28, 2023 at 11:59 pm PST.

To submit, please complete the form below. 

Please review our Submission Guidelines prior to submitting.

You can incorporate the theme as an object, figurative shape (drawing, sculpture), short essay, interview, poetic form (song or literary), style or expression or any other contemporary art form.

For projects already posted to social media or previously published use the #colorblocmag and tag @colorblocmagazine *your account must be public our team may reshare your work on our feeds.

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