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Curated by ColorBloc Staff

Photographed by Jon Dailey III

Assistant Creative Direction by TY Brown

“This project is really about me stepping out of my comfort zone on all fronts. I’m at a place in my artistry where I’m testing new things, running with every spark of inspiration – and UltraViolet is definitely a product of this.” - RINI

RINI, the 23-year-old Australian-born singer-songwriter released his Sophomore album titled “Ultraviolet” on December 2, 2022. The 7 track album shows a new side of RINI as he embraces vulnerability and reveals maturity as a man, artist and lover. RINI has catapulted himself into a presence of new artists to watch. We caught up with RINI to discuss his tour, latest album and more.

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RINI photographed by  Jon Dailey III Dress by Levi's 

Your discovery and love for R&B is an interesting story, what was it about R&B that drew your attention, especially with that not being the mainstream sound from your home country?


What really drew me in first was the rhythm, the groove of the songs and then the melody. R&B music was such a breathe of fresh air to me back when I was starting off, I grew up listening to a lot of rock/pop/ballads and R&B was just so different.


What do you say to those who subscribe to the opinion that “R&B is dead”?


I think R&B is just in a different space now, to me nothing will ever beat the oldies R&B because of the rawness and the realness of the music back in the day. Their lyrics were so romantic and honest and the melodies were catchy as heck, they were talking about real love and real pain and nobody thought it was corny. But Now I feel like R&B doesn’t have that depth, it just feels like a lot of R&B music is sounding the same and it’s losing the key elements, I guess how people perceive things now is different if you’re singing R&B and it’s not sexual then it’s corny, but I don’t think it needs to be that crazy all the time. There’s ways you can dig deeper and be more classy about it. There are a few artists today however that still make real R&B, I’d like to think I’m one of them.


Your Spotify playlist is a whole vibe, how would you describe your musical taste?


Right now I’ve been really tapping in on my rock stuff. My musical taste changes overtime and I'm very experimental with it, I’m open to any genre as long as it feels good to me.


Who are some of your musical favorites?


Right now, Sade, Prince, Queen, Michael Jackson, Tame Impala, The Eagles. These are my musical favs atm.


Originally from Australia & now residing in LA, not an easy move...What’s been your biggest sacrifice? — How’s the adjustment going and why the move? Did you feel it was need to advance your career?


I guess my biggest sacrifice so far is being away from my loved ones. It’s not easy moving to a whole another country without having any family around but it’s part of growing up. I’ve adjusted quiet well actually and starting to feel like I have a place here. It was definitely a key move to further my music career, I just didn’t see myself doing bigger things if I was staying back home. But I do love being back home in Melbourne, nothing beats the feeling.


What is your writing process like? How often do your lyrics come from a place of personal experience?


It varies from time to time but majority of the time, I’m jamming on my guitar and coming up with feels. I need to feel the vibe from the sounds before I even start to write songs, although I randomly get ideas throughout my days, like little phrases or song titles that I build on further.


I don’t always base my songs through personal experience but I use my personal experience as inspo to write. Like if there was an imaginary situation, how would I feel or react to that? That's how I would find the words.

Your latest single “Haunt Me” delivers a smooth dreamy and mystical sound where you long for a love that is no longer present but still lingers on your mind and heart. How personal is this song to you and your life?


This song wasn’t really a personal experience, it was more of a scenario that I imagined going through but I’ve known people who have gone through something similar.


A little over a year ago you released your album ‘Constellations’ . We definitely feel and see the growth of you as an artist, how do you feel you’ve grown since dropping that project?


I think I’ve grown a lot from that time to now, I’ve been through some crazy times in between. The music also has grown a lot over the time period and I definitely feel it shows.


On your ‘Constellations’ album you teamed up with Wale on ‘Red Lights’ and now with Beam on ‘Selfish’ how did those collaborations come about?


I had the opportunity to go to Miami and work with CoolnDre and one of the beats they played me was the Selfish beat, BEAM came in to the studio the day after and we had some real good conversations bout life and relationships and all that. He wrote the track in like less than 30 mins, BEAM just knows how to get the words out of you and make it something fire! Red Lights was during Quarantine time, we were originally looking for a rapper to feature on Over Some Wine but Wale loved Red Lights, couple of days later he sent us a verse and I was like yo… that’s so crazyyyy.


Connect with RINI

Instagram: @rinidawg


Stream and Purchase UltraViolet

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We got a small glimpse of you at rehearsal. What has it been like gearing up for this tour?


It’s been fun actually and a lot easier than I thought it would be but that’s because I’ve got a great team behind me and a band that’s super chill, they make every rehearsal enjoyable.


Do you have a song that makes every performance? How do you choose your set list for a performance?


Yes, Meet me in Amsterdam and My Favourite Clothes are always the go to because they’re the fan favourites.

I usually pick the songs that I personally vibe out to the most and love to perform but also considering what my fans would want to hear because these shows are all about the fans.


YouTube is a breathing ground for discovering new talents, with so many artists on the platform standing out from the crowd is no easy feet. Going back to your early YouTube days, what did you do to stand out and make your voice heard?


Honestly, I didn’t really do anything different. I just did what felt good and fun to me and I kept doing it and doing it.


Social media has played a pivotal part in your career, how important is it for you to stay connected to your fans? And how have you used social media to maintain and garner more connections with fans?


As much as I’m not a social media person, I am a social media person lol. I Love connecting with my fans and I think they just appreciate me for being me on social media. I just wanna be like one of their homies you know.


For an artist who is passionate about music and wants to follow in your footsteps, what advice would you recommend?


If music is your real passion then you’re already heading the right direction. Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you truly love doing. Keep working on your music and don’t be afraid to experiment with it, be authentic and tell your own story.

Can you tell us more about the upcoming project?


UltraViolet is nothing but vibes. It’s a bolder, grittier, more fun side of RINI. Consisting of 7 songs with a variety of different sounds that you won’t get sick of.


What can we expect to hear? Any features we can look for on it?


There’s only one feature on the EP and that’s BEAM. But the whole thing will be Jammin!!


From uploading covers on YouTube to performing at sold-out venues, the ‘Past the Naked Eye Tour’ starts Nov 30, how excited are you about this tour and this moment in your career? Described your mood right now...


Oh I’m over the moon… I still don’t believe that we’ve sold out all these venues, but lowkey I knew we could do it. I’m just so grateful for the people around me that helped me get here and believed in what I can do. Blessed to have such a supportive fanbase that made this possible in the first place.



What was the first live concert you attended? Did that have an impact on your perspective of performing?


My first ever live concert was Jhene Aiko back in Melbourne. I was telling myself, damn I’mma be doing this too one day. Look at us now.

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