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Lisko Embellishes A Quip Tongue Spectacle With His Latest Single, Smelta

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Lisko is a Zimbabwean born, emerging multifaceted artist who makes music and writes movie scripts. An astute global citizen in every definitive sense, he moved to Merseyside, Liverpool at a young age, and his varied acquired an experienced taste in a plethoric mix of cultures that has filtered into the expounding creative palette.

Dancing effortlessly through a chorus that boasts an array of languages is his latest single, “Smelta”, distributed via Ditto Music. “Smelta” was inspired by an inquisitive thirst to understand different cultures satiated by his travels. Cruising through a cadence that is as jazzy as its wavey production merging a saxophone and a subtle 808 baseline textures, he invites us into a retrospect of his come up and the benchmark of ambition he has established for himself.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Lisko accentuates determination and passion and driving forces of his musical career. Eight years ago, Lisko signed to independent label Cloud 10 and recorded a 12-track mixtape. The label dissolved before releasing it, which differed from his dreams rather than denying them. In a phoenix-like fashion, Lisko eagerly returns to the scene, officially releasing his first offering as an independent artist.

Albeit hitting the ground running with a rough, around the edge delivery, Lisko shows promise and potential to access a diverse audience. I look forward to seeing him daringly creative direct, write and produce a single or body of work entirely in any one of the languages he speaks; I can only imagine the impact he could have on the Chinese market by doing a delectable blend of Chinese hip-hop or accessing the Korean K-Pop market.

Time will tell where Lisko’s musical journey will go. As a Colorbloc global citizen, I am ready to board the translation train and pick me up a new language, and you never know when you need to be vehemently vulgar but make it sound serenadingly sexy.

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