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TYSM! Makes the Most of His Early 20s With His Retro-Soft Punk Offering, Out of My Mind

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The arch of the young, wild and free chapter of our lives reaches a resounding conclusion in our Mid 20s and if we're lucky, we gracefully grow out of the wilderness. The punchline for most however, is the urge to go down swinging, milking the last drop of the youth fountain even at the cost of wearing the old b*** in the club badge with pride. Fortunately, Such a fate is still out of reach for Minneapolis, Minnesota star TYSM!.

After birthing concert photography, the wild heart created his brand that painted their 1000 words across legendary ventures in the twin cities area. The journey into music has carved out a unique skater-Esque discography, including “Don’t Fuck With the Birds”, “CRASH THE RENTAL”, “SCOUT!”, “Did Me Wrong” and his latest offering ", OUT OF MY MIND", catering to a plethora of musical tastes ranging from EDM-Trap, Lofi, Soft Punk and a sleuth of alternative sounds.

Nuanced by dusty snares, video game/anime theme music samples, brooding electronic guitars and free-spirited ramble, “OUT OF MY MIND” is a 70s inspired production that makes a fine display of the cusp exit from teenage romance into early adulthood with all its grown folk complications. In what can only be interpreted as a romance that went sour, the temporary craze that fuelled this record is a triggering case of unrequited love.

The official music video carries a flare of prolonged Phineas and Ferb-Esque summers with cut-out stamp images that bring chaotic imaginations' to life. Owing to the triggering rejection that instilled a lot of unresolved feelings, an onslaught of dangerous skating, campfires, and experimentation summarizes the overarching theme of escape that entails going out of one’s mind.

I agree that the first love is the sweetest, and the first cut is the deepest, as Canadian rapper Drake would say. What we are never told as teens into our adulthood is that every love feels like the first love, and every cut feels like the first cut, and dangerously enough, we chose to avoid love altogether because we know we ought to go out of our minds more than necessary.

Do you feel the beach calling like letting loose and taking an unconventional break from your mind? TYSM!'s OUT OF MY MIND is the soundtrack to your escape. Watch the official music video here:

Connect with TYSM!

Instagram: @its.tysm

Twitter: @itstysm

TikTok: @its.tysm


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