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Tadéus Blends IsiZulu & Yoruba Culture With His Debut Afrobeats Opus “Orile”

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Love & Dance As A Political Act Of Rebellion

One of the greatest tragedies to ravage the philosophical practice of ubuntu, which underpins unity through its I am because you are mantra, has been the rise and sustained tribalism and xenophobia many Africans practice amongst their native lands and across cross-country borders. While music may not be a permanent antidote to the collective intellectual, historical, spiritual, and cultural configuration we need to work to heal ourselves as a people, the vibrancy of music and its power to unite us in dance is a damn good place to start. South African virtuoso Sboniso Tadéus Mbatha who played close to his origin by adopting his middle name as a brand moniker, has intricately amalgamated traditional African elements with contemporary soundscapes with his latest opus, “Orile.”

Tadéus' ability to tap into his emotions and draw inspiration from his musical inspirations drives his creative process. Tadéus skillfully absorbs the musical abilities of a wide range of musicians, including Luther Vandross, Beyoncé, and Tiwa Savage, and infuses them with his distinctive flair. His method for composing songs entails deftly drawing on his own experiences and emotions, enabling him to create relevant and engrossing music. Tadéus' portrayal of feelings in his poetry demonstrates his extraordinary talent for turning deep emotions into melodies and lyrics that resonate strongly with his listeners.

Image Credit: @og_pixels_official

Poised as an enthralling dancehall afrobeat composition, “Orile” not only pays homage to the modern-day culture of assertiveness in romantic pursuits but also showcases Tadéus' extraordinary prowess in seamlessly merging sonic artifacts of Nguni & Yoruba as noted with the daring use of an IsiZulu War Chant, Yoruba penmanship and musical production which may insinuate that the love interest which inspired this multicultural sonic ensemble may from the expressive Yoruba culture. Again I'm reasonably sure there was no political agenda behind this song; however, in a climate where division breeds instability and chaos, is Tadéus's bridging cultural chasms through music in the name of love, not a political act in and of itself?

Tadéus envisions his artistry as a strategic platform to elevate and inspire others. Through his music, he aspires to celebrate African culture, foster unity, and bridge societal divisions. Tadéus seeks to carve a lasting legacy within the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his multifaceted talent as an actor, model, content creator, presenter, and now an artist. Driven by his magnetic charisma and unwavering determination, Tadéus is poised to leave an indelible imprint on the global music scene, alluring listeners with his unique blend of cultural influences, infectious rhythms, and heartfelt storytelling.

You already know if I was hired as a music video director for “Orile”! You already know! Two Locations: The Kraals of Kwa-Zulu Natal and the traditional villages of Lagos, Nigeria, where our Yoruba brother and sisters bring their Amala, Dodo, Asun, Ewedu, and Jolloff rice, while my Zulu tribe dishes up uJeqe (Steam Bread), Amadumbe (sweet potato), Inyama Yenhloko (either Goat or Cow's head meat) Tripe, beef or chicken curry, Is'tambu (samp and beans) and washing it down with Umqombothi (Traditional Zulu Beer). Without question, the wardrobe will have to be themed around traditional regalia, which, to say the least, will be colorful!

Suffice to say, Tadéus' freshly released song, "Orile," is a testament to his uncanny capacity to catch the essence of millennial culture and to explore a keen desire to celebrate the vibrancy and complexity of African culture via music and forging an unparalleled connection with listeners. Tadéus' bubbling career path exemplifies his unshakable dedication to honoring African heritage, acting as a bridge for cultural exchange, and instilling confidence in others via works of art like "Orile." Tadéus' distinctive fusion of originality, passion, and ability places him as an artist to be watched closely as he navigates the ever-changing currents of the world of arts and entertainment. He unquestionably possesses the know-how to make an enduring impression on the worldwide musical landscape.

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