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SZA makes her return with a raw, emotional, and vulnerable sophomore album 'SOS'

A beautifully shot of a young woman, deep in thought, staring out into the distance. Her body language reads of mystery, curiosity, and isolation. The image, inspired by a 1997 photograph of Princess Diana on Mohamed Al Fayed’s yacht taken one week before her death; explains SZA the significance of her album cover art. SZA is one of the best R&B artists of our time. The singer/songwriter pours her emotions into every word and has a way of turning sadness and heartbreak into something beautiful. Her voice is breathtaking and her tone matches the instrumentals perfectly on every song. Releasing one of the most anticipated R&B albums of 2022, the St. Louis, Missouri superstar has been dropping hints of what we could expect from this masterpiece for months now. After releasing the sensational singles, 'I Hate U', 'Good Days' & 'Shirt' the wait is finally over, SZA's sophomore album 'SOS' is here. If you've ever been through a heartbreak then you can definitely relate to this album.

SZA's album is a beautiful yet painful body of work that many listeners can relate to through personal experiences. Telling her story in an authentic way, the singer reveals her skill and vulnerability in each song. The album tells a story of heartbreak, love, and acceptance. Its raw, emotional vocals reveal the true talent of SZA. With tracks like "Blind", "Gone Girl", and "Nobody Gets Me" her vulnerability is apparent and speaks to her fans with lyrics like "I need your touch not your scrutiny... squeezing too tight boy you're losing me" . This album gives you a look at a woman who has been through the highs and lows and empowers others to embrace their individuality and inner confidence.

Listen to the album here:


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