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Sinso Attains Carthertic Freedom From Pain With Her Latest Single, "Dancing Naked''.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Dance as a spiritual medium is often underrated. Where words fail to free us from the limitations of the traumas we hold, dance not only bends the will of our bodies to exert the physical restraint it also gives way for our emotions to flood our rhythmic exorcism, allowing us the privilege of letting go and leaving what haunts us under our feet.

Seoul, South Korea based alternative R&B singer-songwriter Sinso holds a fundamental understanding of the power of dance. Her latest single, "Dancing Naked", is an FKA Twigs, Lana Del Rey, and Marian Hill inspired cathartic exercise that has broken free from every sense of confinement at the helm of its purpose.

"Dancing naked to this song. Tears soaked me from head to toe. I wish I wouldn’t have to stop. Wash me wash me, it vanishes the pain, pain, pain, pain". As a person who has faced the adversities of mental health, Sinso channeled her experiences into music, prioritizing healing for her listeners.

The emotive production boasting intense crescendos makes up for the often elusive songwriting that doesn’t articulate the emotions clearly but drowns you in an immersive array of out of body feelings.

I was equally triggered and liberated by “Dancing Naked”, reminded of the pain I have endured and how I have prospered despite my shortcomings. Sinso not only reminds us that we are more than our scars but offers healing energy that can carry our baggage until we unpack, address, and set ourselves free from our afflictions.

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