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Sainvil Gets Steamy On Dry Sand In The Music Video For His Latest Single "Ooou"

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

After building momentum earlier this year with his ode to black women “Ashley” featuring Guapdad 4000, and the recent autobiographical single, “On My Own” featuring BEAM, Alamo Records R&B sensation Sainvil ventures through the interesting plot twist of upbeat sensuality with his latest single “Oouu.”

Engrossed in suggestive lyrics, “Oouu" is a feel-good, energetic song themed around the exciting period of courting or being courted. The Omar Grand, Nick Bane, and Eightsarewild production sets the tone for an eerie, upbeat, techno trap aesthetic showing off the singer's vocal range.

Ooou/Come get all of me/Ouu/Why you stallin me/Oou She keep calling me

The flirtations chorus sung with an eerie, high-pitched octave narrates a cut to the chase intensity of desire shared through an erotic guise leading to the palpable climax of falling in love.

Boasting over 70 000 YouTube views within a week of its release, the music video for “Ooou” features sandy dunes and hypnotic choreography as we find Sainvil enjoying the thrill of the chase weaved in sensual cut scenes.

Having taken the past year to be on a mental and spiritual sabbatical, Sainvil continues to challenge his sonic range and capability, pushing the envelope ahead of his for from his forthcoming project, They're All Goblins.

Reflecting on his music, Sainvil shares how lonely it can get, leaving home to chase your dream, coupled with the trickiness of finding your tribe, establishing a sound can be just as challenging.

Sainvil is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to find his groove. He maintains a high level of intricacy as he scratches that itchy knack he has for storytelling through music.

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