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Runway 7 Showcases A New Edge To Fashion

Updated: Mar 1

Runway 7 showcases leading emerging designers at Sony Hall, in a grand runway show celebrating the avant-garde and the experimental. These designers fearlessly push boundaries and redefine the essence of fashion. It's a powerful declaration of self-expression and artistic courage, an event destined to leave a lasting impression on all who experience it. See the drama unfold from the vision of the selected talents, Kulture X, Vivante, Revived, & Medusa Complex.

Kulture X 

Kel Chukwudi brings to life a wardrobe for modern men who are not afraid to take fashion risks. He says “I wanted to push the envelope by including prints and silhouettes that were stylish yet bold and elegant.” The collection took about 6 weeks to create, but Kel was unfazed by the pressure, creating a total of 15 looks that were refined into 10 looks, culminating in a collection that mirrors men characterized by fearlessness, edge and effortlessness.

(PC: @VisualsDMV & @HollywoodImages)

Medusa Complex 

Melina curates a meticulously perfected elevated streetwear collection. Defined by her signature prints, accessories, and vibrant colors, she effortlessly blends glamour with eccentric charm. This collection serves as the ultimate festival lookbook, ensuring you stand out among the crowd. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind handmade garment, sustainably sourced for conscientious fashion enthusiasts. This line stuns you with an avant-garde style that commands attention.

(@wandering.baloo(1), @art_of_jabaar(2), @oneshotveddo(3)


Shunelle finds inspiration for her collection in the mesmerizing beauty of aquatic life, drawing from the interplay of light on water and the diverse textures beneath the waves. Despite limitations on the number of pieces she could showcase, her goal remained to intrigue and captivate the audience, sparking fascination about this underwater world. This enchanting collection, the result of several months of planning and experimentation, prominently features the color red, symbolizing passion and intensity. The use of reflective materials further enhances the theme, allowing Shunelle's vision to shine through as it mimics the fluid movement of water when touched by light. For instance, she explains, “the chrome silver strapless dress, adorned with tear-shaped ornaments, is designed to embody both fierceness and grace, mirroring the fluidity of aquatic motion.”

However, the true showstopper, is the dress with its oyster-like structure. It was also the most challenging to create, requiring meticulous attention to detail to achieve the right shape and aesthetic positioning. 

This ethereal and serene collection serves as an invitation to embrace one's inherent allure and beauty, symbolizing the emergence of one's most glamorous

(@afmwpictures (1&2))

Revived Clothing & Designs

Chaendra takes the runway by storm with a collection that infuses glamor and elegance into everyday life. "I aimed to highlight the beauty of forgotten vintage and thrifted treasures, transforming them into pieces that encourage versatility, creativity, and the courage to stand out in a society that constantly dictates conformity," she explains. This collection represents the culmination of a seven-year journey for the brand, with some pieces dating back to its inception in 2017, while others were completed just days before the NYFW show.

As the name suggests, "Revived" is a collection of refined and reimagined pieces. For instance, the "Brocade Bomber '' was crafted by deconstructing a full jacket and skirt set belonging to Chaendra's mother, along with a perforated, a-line skater skirt found at a thrift store. After redesigning it into a bodice and constructing sleeves and a back panel from the two-piece suit, it took over a week to complete. Similarly, the distressed denim skirt paired with the "Pretty in Plaid'' deconstructed tunic was fashioned from fragments of an old denim trench and denim shorts, with added pockets and hand-stitched closures taking about a week to finish. Even the accessories, five new handmade pieces crafted from discarded chains and earrings, each took several days to complete.

"Revived" is a celebration of originality, redefining what it means to embody 'street chic fashion.' Chaendra truly embodies the motto, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," encouraging the owners of these pieces to embrace their unique style stories and let every day become their personal runway.

(PC: @afmwpictures (1,4,&5)


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