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R&B fans are in for a treat as Vedo releases his sixth album ‘Mood Swings’

R&B is in good hands! Vedo returns with his new 13-track album 'Mood Swings'.

On his sixth album, Vedo takes listeners on a journey through the different moods of finding love after heartache and heartbreak. With songs like "Forever", "Celebrate" and "Soul", he paints vivid pictures of the beauty of partnership and having a significant other that values an everlasting love.

His mood might switch by next song but Vedo never loses sight of his quest for a better romantic future. The project features R&B favorites Chris Brown and Tink. With an interesting, yet sonicly pleasing track structure and in true Vedo fashion he delivers a melody of R&B bangers. From the effortless vocal performance that flows from track-to-track to the way the music encapsulates you into a 90's era of feel good R&B, it's an album you'll want to keep on repeat. The lyrics hit home, and the beats make you want to vibe out into the night. “Forever” the lead single produced by Khari "Needlz" Cain is nearing 1 million streams on Spotify.

If your finger's don't hurt from snapping to the beat of each track after listening to this album, go back to track one, turn the volume up and play it again!


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