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Paul The Messenger Dives Into A Palatable Introspection With His New EP "PAUL"

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Congo-born, Wolverhampton-based artist Paul the Messenger delves into an intimate scope of his trials and tribulations with his brand new EP PAUL. Post releasing numerous singles weekly since November 2020 and gaining support from BBC Introducing & Capital Xtra on previous releases; his continued unconventional journey has culminated in a sonic and eloquent body of work.

Breaking away from the spiritual density we have come to know him for, the artist and producer opens the floor for four different conversations under the daunting umbrella of an internal tug of war—this Messenger Global body of work boasts collaborations with mixedbyjabbz, Clavis7even, and Reckless Demeanour.

The Genre-bending soundscape of PAUL features a Caribbean-Esque, Lo-Fi ambiance, and transcendental vibrancy that roots out the influences of Bellion, Andy Mineo, and NF blended with an open-minded approach solidifies the inviting pocket Paul the Messenger has been consistent with delivering.

I'm still wide awake/I can't sleep these days because I feel some type of way/Maybe it feels like all of my efforts are in vain/Making beats and singing thesе sad songs to find a way/Two A.M. is way too late

With Records Such as “Where?" and “Lost," PAUL represents a bare, honest, vulnerable, and self-affirming songwriting intentionality. Paul The Messenger meticulously details the pathos of growing pains as a young adult coupled with the adverse rite of passage that comes with bridging into the mainstream. He says he is ready to connect to his ever-growing fanbase by performing in live shows and tours.

Suited for an unwinding meditative walk around the park, if not the release and reset time taken to keep track of and establish new goals to making your make on the world PAUL is a short and sweet reminder that dreams are valid and attainable.

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