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Oriiginelle Imbues Listeners In A Great Feeling With Her Latest Single “Change” feat. ZuluMecca

Updated: Jun 26

Whether you believe that this is Beyoncé's internet or you are the Doomsday conspiracy theorist who revels in being right about the arrival of "Skynet" and AI, we can all agree that we live in an era where social media and the byproducts of the internet culture often serves as both kingmaker and guillotine. Choosing to use the power of the internet to advance her career, Eswatini's Oriiginelle has managed to harness her online presence to make the little dreams in-between her bigger picture come true. Her latest single, "Change," featuring South African wordsmith ZuluMecca, is a testament to the organic collaborations that can arise from a well-placed snippet and an attentive audience.

The song's genesis – a public courtship on X(formerly Twitter) that blossomed into a formidable musical partnership – is almost as compelling as its content. It's a refreshing reminder that genuine artistic synergy can still capture the public imagination in a landscape often dominated by algorithmic recommendations and industry-mandated collaborations.

Oriiginelle, born Makhosazana Thwala, has been steadily ascending since her 2022 breakout hit "A Thou Nyana." With "Change," she continues the metamorphosis begun in her EP "METARMOPHOFEELS," crafting a sonic narrative of personal evolution that feels both intimate and universal. Produced by Soduh Beats, the track's landscape is a nuanced blend of soulful essence and boom-bap sensibility, with impactful drums and smooth melodies providing a canvas rich enough to support the weight of the artists' introspection. While competent, one may wonder if a more daring production approach might have further amplified the song's thematic resonance.

Lyrically, Oriiginelle navigates the turbulent waters of impending career shifts with a buoyant demeanor that belies the gravity of her subject matter. Her verses are a delicate balance of self-assurance and vulnerability, manifesting a future carved from determination and hard work. It's in these moments of raw honesty that Oriiginelle shines brightest, her words serving as both personal mantra and universal rallying cry as noted in quotes such as "The greatest from the kingdom go charge it up to the game/ if there's one thing I'm certain of is things are about to change." The "elle" in her stage name – French for "she" – takes on added significance here, as she tackles the struggles of pursuing dreams against the backdrop of twenty-something growing pains with a distinctly feminine perspective.

ZuluMecca's contribution is nothing short of alchemical. Her verse, complemented by quotes such as “the revolution televangelised” and "for now, the revolution's through the tellers eyes," are a potent mixture of braggadocio and optimism and intimately complement Oriiginelle's introspection perfectly. Her imaginative delivery and lyrical dexterity command attention, adding layers of complexity to an already multifaceted track. The synergy between these two artists is palpable, each elevating the other's performance in a natural and necessary way. It's also important to note how Mecca jabs at the audience who requested her to be on this spontaneous occasion with the quote, "friendly warning nobody puts Mecca in a corner!" proving that her eloquent pen is ready to draft paradigm-shifting verses at the drop of a needle.

What sets "Change" apart is its ability to tread familiar thematic ground with a freshness that belies its well-worn subject matter. In exploring themes of change, progression, and self-assurance, Oriiginelle and ZuluMecca have crafted a track that resonates on multiple levels, encouraging listeners to view change not as an obstacle but as a catalyst for growth. This is particularly poignant coming from Oriiginelle, an artist who has consistently pushed beyond the borders of her kingdom, from dominating Eswatini's EBIS Top 20 charts to catching the attention of publications like Hypebeast Magazine.

As Oriiginelle evolves from the artist who had listeners chanting "I just need 10 Thou" to one grappling with weightier themes of personal and professional transformation, she proves that she's more than just a fleeting sensation. "Change" feels less like a single and more like a manifesto, a declaration of intent from an artist coming into her own. It's a powerful statement from two artists at the top of their game, brought together by the very audience they seek to reach.

In a musical landscape often criticized for its superficiality, "Change" stands out as a beacon of authenticity and artistic integrity. It's a reminder of music's power to connect and inspire and a promising sign for the future of African hip-hop and R&B. As Oriiginelle and ZuluMecca embrace the inevitability of change, they invite us all to do the same, crafting an anthem of empowerment for whatever the future may hold.

Ultimately, "Change" cements Oriiginelle's status as a rising star in Eswatini and as a force to be reckoned with in the broader landscape of African hip-hop. It's a track that demands engagement on multiple levels, promising it will be worth following wherever Oriiginelle's journey takes her next.

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