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ON THE SPOT with Olivia Anthony

Updated: Feb 5

Our 'ON THE SPOT ' interview series highlights individuals throughout the creative community for their contributions to art and culture. Putting these artists "on the spot" we created a space where creatives and innovators tap into the conversation to uplift and continue to inspire the creative community. Next up is...Olivia Anthony.

When it comes to streetwear Olivia Anthony is no rookie. Founder and CEO of LIVSTREETWEAR Olivia's brand is a clothing brand inspired by the culture of the 90's to early 2000's. Celebrating the music, movies, and hairstyles of this time period with a collection of nostalgic clothing and accessories that pays homage to those feelings while paying tribute to the trends of that decade.

What's the best thing you've done, simply because you were told you can't?

Move to NYC. At first people didn’t get it. They didn't think I was going to last almost 10 years there and on top of that, it was one of the best scariest moments in my life.

What are you manifesting in 2023?

That God spread LIVSTREETWEAR worldwide and reach another level. It's multiple levels in this journey and as long as we're constantly moving forward grateful. I also manifest that we achieve all of our 2023 goals as we have a lot of great things planned.

If you could build your dream creative team who would it be?

I love rocking with my friends and family so I already have my dream team.

My publicist would be: God (of course)

My business partner: Ricky Davii (for life)

Head stylist: Vincent Smith

Head of Creative: Toriq Ahmed

Producers / Creative: Jessi Jac and Jill

Head of Design: Calechie Afua

In House Photographers: Alexander McMicheal, Emilynn Rose and Sydney Foster

Set Designer: Alex Berrocal

What have you grown to love and/or outgrown in the past year?

I love saying affirmations in the morning, eating healthier, and learning to outgrow feeding into negativity and worry over things that are not in my control.

How do you feel about this statement: "Black Artists Matter"...

WE DO MATTER! Period! We always have and always will. I want to create a platform that further pushes the narrative that we can and we will! I want to provide opportunities for as many POC artists as possible. There wouldn't be art without the influence of a black person. Sit with that.

What creative source or outlet do you often visit to get inspiration and renew your creativity?

The 90s and early 00s culture. The movies and music videos especially. And also, a big inspiration is everyday life. I love people watching mostly in NYC, specifically Soho.

What are you unapologetic for?

Living my truth and telling my story. I also am very unapologetic for my personality.

Have you ever had a "this can't be happening" moment? Tell us more about this experience.

Honestly, at least once every two weeks, if not every week! HAHA. In business you have to learn how to adapt and pivot. I’m a planner. With that I had to learn that everything doesn’t always go as planned. Deadlines change. Production may not go smoothly. Customers need assistance and so many other things. However, learning how to adapt and trust divine timing, Gods timing, you will have peace in knowing that everything will work out for your purpose.

If you were to throw a message bottle into the ocean, what would it say?

"If Moses can split the sea with God and a staff, why don’t you think you can do the impossible on earth with God on your side?"

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