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ON THE SPOT with Danielle Christian

Our 'ON THE SPOT ' interview series highlights individuals throughout the creative community for their contributions to art and culture. Putting these artists "on the spot" we created a space where creatives and innovators tap into the conversation to uplift and continue to inspire the creative community. Next up is...Danielle Christian.

Perhaps you’ve noticed Danielle’s work around the web before. Born and raised in Long Island NY, Danielle is constantly creating new and exciting pieces. She started by drawing portraits, designing outfits, and making jewelry for herself for events. She worked with only thrifted materials and continues to produce multidisciplinary projects with upcycled materials and handmade props creating one of a kind pieces. Her goal is to hone her individual skills so she can successfully work as a creative director for magazine spreads, album covers, and creative portrait sessions.

What's the best thing you've done, simply because you were told you can't?

Juggle multiple disciplines. I paint, build sets, design clothes and accessories, and shoot and edit photos. When I was figuring out my goals after college, most people in the creative field told me I wouldn’t get anywhere if I didn’t focus every bit of my energy on only one discipline, but I think the combination of my skills is what makes me unique.

What are you manifesting in 2023?

I'm manifesting being booked and busy with projects I can be proud of. I’d also love to bring to life the many ideas I have waiting in my notebooks, so I’m manifesting more resources as well.

If you could build your dream creative team who would it be?

There are so many people I’d love to work with but it would be amazing to work with photographer Jade Lilly, designers Laquan Smith and Iris Van Herpen, makeup artist Mei Pang, and creative director RebekahBCreative.

What have you grown to love and/or outgrown in the past year?

I have grown to love learning again. I am self taught in almost all of the mediums I work with but I’ve been watching masterclasses and taking online courses to develop my crafts. My goal is to be confident in my disciplines so that I can fully outgrow the fear of both success and failure.

How do you feel about this statement: "Black Artists Matter"...

We absolutely do, but we deserve so much more credit for the intellectual and artistic contributions we’ve made to society thus far.

What creative source or outlet do you often visit to get inspiration and renew your creativity?

Music. Music. Music. I have a playlist dedicated to songs that make me imagine new pieces, from paintings to photoshoots. I dream in ‘projects’ at times, so whenever I want to be inspired, I put on old and new albums and lay down next to my sketchbook. I have a collection of dresses I plan to release this year based on a single song.

What are you unapologetic for?

My perseverance and commitment to master the things I set my mind on.

Have you ever had a "this can't be happening" moment? Tell us more about this experience.

Like A$AP said, “it rains, it pours”, and he was right. I had the opportunity to show a collection at NYFW last year, which I didn’t think would happen any time soon. Around the same time, some of my work was featured in two print magazines, the opportunity to travel abroad with other creatives arose, and I was able to see just how much the people around me showed support. Those experiences were amazing, but the support from my community is what made that a ‘this can’t be happening’ moment.

If you were to throw a message bottle into the ocean, what would it say?

Set a goal but focus on what’s right in front of you. You’ll make it through, just enjoy what you have now.

Photo Credit:

‘Chaotic Bliss’

Model, MUA, Set Designer, and Photographer: Danielle Christian (@djenedesigns)

Chaps and Two-piece set: DJené Designs


Model: Taylor Branch (@notthehistorian)

MUA and Photographer: Danielle Christian (@djenedesigns)

Accessories: DJené Designs

‘I want 2b Queen’

Model: Que Lashay (@222que)

Photographer: Danielle Christian (@djenedesigns)

Skirt, Bralette, and Accessories: DJené Designs


Model: Hannah Britton (@hannahbritton__)

Photographer: Danielle Christian (@djenedesigns)


Model, MUA, and Photographer: Danielle Christian (@djenedesigns)

Dress and Headpiece: DJené Designs


Model: Chaalam Wilson (@lam.chaa)

Photographer: Danielle Christian (@djenedesigns)

‘The Artist Becomes Her Work’

Model, Stylist, Set Designer, and Photographer: Danielle Christian (@djenedesigns)

‘Twin Flames’; Twin Flames 2’

Models: Alia and Delcia Johnson (@djandaj)

Creative Director: Harmonie Malengo (, MUA: Caitlyn Casey (@caitlyncasey_), Photographer: Danielle Christian (@djenedesigns)

Designs and Accessories: DJené Designs

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Awesome!!!! So proud of you Danielle. Love ya!


Awesome articulate work love luv love it keep up the good work!

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