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On the Spot with Car∆amo

From the culturally rich Car∆amo comes this collection of sensational hyper pop anthems - 'ANDROGENISE,' is a boldly refreshing blend of infectious pop melodies and captivating layers of electronica that are intricately woven into a rich sonic tapestry. This album is the culmination of years of growth, self-discovery, and the release of pent-up emotions. 'ANDROGENISE,' ventures into the rawest and most authentic realms of Car∆amo's feelings. Despite facing countless challenges and ridicule, Car∆amo has bloomed beautifully, shedding the shackles of shame and embracing their true selves. This album is a powerful exploration of gender and sexuality, demanding unwavering attention and serving as a triumphant response to all the naysayers who belittled Car∆amo's identity and emotions. 'I believe this album showcases the full extent of my creativity while fiercely preserving the fire within me that was fueled by all the negativity thrown my way.' Car∆amo poured countless hours into writing, recording, and producing this masterpiece exclusively from their home studio, crafting 'ANDROGENISE,' to perfection. Straddling the realms of immaculate and surreal, Car∆amo's highly anticipated debut album celebrates marginalized communities and radiates a captivating glow of positivity and self-acceptance. Don't miss out on this extraordinary musical journey.

Car∆amo defies genres and embraces authenticity, rejecting pretense in search of genuine connections. Amidst London's thriving creative hub, collaboration is at the heart of Car∆amo's music-making process. Their heritage, half Italian and half Cypriot, infuses diverse musicality into their compositions. After pursuing a Music Technology degree, Car∆amo discovered the art of noise and acousmaticism. Their music invites celebration of imperfections, building connections through honesty, and exploring uncharted territories of sound. With each track, Car∆amo transcends genres and pushes artistic expression to new limits.

Take us back, do you recall the moment you told yourself "I'm going to make this my career?" Describe that moment. What made you pursue this career?

I remember going to an open day for the university course I ended up studying and thinking, 'Yeah, this is it,' and I haven’t looked back since. Music Technology, production, mixing, recording, research, composition, arrangement—all of it is just fascinating and so fun to do and learn about. I try to keep that learning constant in my life, so I continue to develop and stay conscious of everything that is changing around me in the music sphere.

How would you describe your artistic style?

I like to subvert expectations. I take great inspiration from experimental practitioners. That isn’t to say that I don’t love pop bangers; I just like the idea of expanding the general public’s music taste. Why is it that 100% of people don’t immediately go, 'Oh yeah, love Dorian Electra'? Shocking stuff, really. I want to make music that makes someone go, 'Yeah, they are so underrated,' whatever that is, it is my artistic style.

What are you most passionate about? What themes or concepts do you explore in your music?

I am passionate about life—experiencing it in its truest form and without any boundaries. I think life is too short, so I want to experience everything: the good, the bad, the better, the worse. I think the weirdness of the world is wonderful and the mundane is just as beautiful. I can appreciate all facets of life, except for the one that says, 'I’m content.' I think we should constantly strive for more. You can be content on your deathbed when you can literally do no more.

Are there any specific artists or movements that have influenced your work? If you had to title this chapter in your life, what would it be?

PC Music, SOPHIE, The Queer Scene in general, Minimalism and Maximalism, Video Game Music—lots of stuff, really. This current 'chapter' of my life and artistry is definitely not titled at all; it just is. If it were a book, all the words would be in the wrong order; they wouldn’t be the same font, size, colour, or even aligned with one another, but they’d sure as hell be pretty.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Literally the other day. I DJed for the first time ever! To a crowd! And it was euphoric, and I am in love with it.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

'Just get over it.' – My dad. It made me realise that people don’t understand you, and they don’t have to. I don’t have to just get over it; I just need to be okay with the fact that 'it' exists and I have perceived 'it' in the way I have. Kind of inadvertent, because he definitely meant 'literally who cares,' but I’m deep—what can I say? The point being, oh my god, you are perfect the way you are. So long as you are trying to do your best, you are.

Has there ever been a time when you felt like giving up and starting a new path?

No, I think stopping something is not giving up. It might not be for you, but you’ve done it, and you have that experience, and it is wonderful to say that you have done many things. I used to swim for my county; I used to compete in Judo Competitions. I don’t anymore, but that’s a big part of my life! Did I give up? No… it just stopped being the most important thing in my life.

What has been the most exciting thing that has happened to you recently?

I don’t know, really. Probably coming to grips with my mental health and accepting that any positive emotion is ecstasy, no matter how small. I also discovered Costco do a pistachio crème that absolutely slaps.

In your opinion, whom do you consider to be a visionary? What about them do you admire most?

A.G Cook, Charli XCX, Bjork—just anyone that takes normal and says, 'Nah, we could make it weirder and more fun.' I think to take yourself too seriously is to lose the fun in creativity and exploration we have built into us when we are young.

How do you show up for yourself? As in, what’s self-care look like for you?

Therapy, pills, sobriety, sleeping, crying, screaming, flapping my hands about, making weird noises, telling my friends I love them, accepting when I feel down, rice.

The past years have been life-changing. What's something new you've learned or discovered about yourself in the past 3 years? How have you applied that to your work?

I’ve discovered that things don’t happen unless you do them. So I’m just loving being busy and doing stuff all the time!

What was the inspiration for your new project? Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the music?

This is an album of self-discovery. I’m here, queer, and have no idea (about what life is, people are, music is, etc.). I think it’s just a fun little project that plays with my newfound spirit in various forms. I’m sexy but I’m sad. I’m ugly and I’m confident. I’m desperate for love but I love myself too much. I feel like the album is just an excuse for me to trauma dump while also making fun oonts oonts music and stuff. Also making weird songs about frogs and Sonic the Hedgehog, lmao.

Describe the creative process. When did you know you had the final cut? What do you feel has been your biggest growth as an artist?

I just do things. I sit down, I work. If it sounds trash, then sure, throw it away, but next time maybe it won’t. I find samples inspiring and love referencing in my music, so I try and make as many 'easter egg hunts' within a track. But once the main writing portion is done, I just get cracking until I can’t tell whether the song needs anything else. Then I cry, leave it for ages, come back months later, remix it, and send it to mastering, lol.

Following your dreams comes with many ups and downs. What would you say is the hardest thing about following your dreams?

Having to be independent for so long. Having to work retail just to pay rent, and then having no disposable income because everything else goes towards promo, or paying professionals etc., or therapy and maintenance costs. Basically, I need a rich dying person to marry briefly.

In your opinion, what do you think is not fair about today's music industry? How do you hope your artwork resonates with viewers or impacts the world? What's next for you artistically?

I don’t think life is fair, so I don’t dwell on fairness in any sense, where it cannot be helped. I will protest for rights; I will advocate for change. But if I’m just complaining that others have it better off than me, that’s kind of dull. So I just do me."

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