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On The Spot - Jesirae's Journey: A Melodic Expression of Authenticity and Growth

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In a world often fixated on labels and boxes, Jesirae emerges as a dynamic force, fearlessly blending genres and defying expectations. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York, this Minnesota-born artist possesses a gift that transcends boundaries. From her soulful gospel roots to her love for hip-hop, she weaves a tapestry of sound that resonates with listeners far and wide. With a lyrical prowess reminiscent of icons like Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne, Jesirae's music is an intricate mosaic of critical introspection and unyielding optimism.

Comparing her current work to her past endeavours, Jesirae reveals a newfound willingness to experiment and step outside

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her comfort zone. "My new music is focused on creating art in the moment," she explains. "I'm not afraid to try a beat that's more alternative or edgier than what I'm used to." This evolution in her sound showcases an artist unafraid to push boundaries and forge her own path.

In the past, Jesirae adhered to a strict creative direction, but she now embraces spontaneity and captures the magic of the moment. Her creative process is a testament to her adaptability and passion. Armed with her trusty iPhone, she captures inspiration in the form of notes and voice memos, ensuring no fleeting idea goes unnoticed. Recording at the moment has become her creative lifeline, preserving the essence of her initial spark.

In this installment of #OnTheSpot, we explore Jesirae's journey as a testament to the power of authenticity, resilience, and creative exploration. With her unwavering spirit and dedication to her craft, she invites us all to join her in pursuing dreams, reminding us that we, too, can create our own melodies in the symphony of life.

Watch “Honey” Here:

What was the inspiration for your new project? Can you tell us more about it?

I don't have a new project; I am dropping singles for now. These songs like "Honey" and "Blossom" were written at times when I was experiencing huge life moments, and those moments get translated into songs.

How does your current project compare to your past work?

My new music is focused on creating art at the moment when I get into the 'flow,' and I'm also experimenting with my sound. In the past, I've stayed in a certain lane, but now I'm not afraid to try a beat that's more alternative or edgier than what I'm used to.

When you make a decision about a creative direction or style? For a song, do you stick to it, or do you often change the original concept? What does your creative process look like? Was it different for this project?

In the past, I've been strict on sticking with one theme, but now, I create in the moment. I could have planned to write a chorus and verses for one song, but if I hear a beat and the lyrics come to me, I'll drop all plans and go with a spontaneous song in the moment because those original ideas are gems. If I'm out and about but have a song idea or lyrics, I'll write them down in my iPhone notes, and I always record my song ideas in my phone voice notes as soon as I get them, especially a melody. I've had times where I didn't record at the moment, and later on, I lost the sound/pitch of my voice or exact flow and had to start from scratch, so now recording at the moment is my go-to.

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Who's currently influencing your life the most?

Random but Kerry Washington! Haha. I'm currently piecing together my spring wardrobe, and I love her style plus, she's one of the few people with the same petite frame/build as me in the industry. Def my fashion inspo!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Be consistent! I didn't understand the true importance of this until like 6 months ago. When you're consistent, you eventually build momentum, and that momentum is what takes you to the next level.

What's a phrase or saying you use almost every day?

"In Jesus name, Amen." I pray every morning, and it carries me throughout the day.

What's the hardest change in your life you had to go through?

Carrying on with life after my dad passed in fall 2012. I was a senior in high school, and my freshman year of college was rough after losing him. I got through it with family, support, and joining a Gospel choir on campus, which helped so much.

In your opinion, whom do you consider to be a visionary?

Issa Rae is a visionary. I used to watch her "Awkward Black Girl" series on YouTube in high school, and the fact that the seed she planted in 2011 would become an HBO hit show 10 years later is so beautiful and inspiring. She took a chance on herself and also normalized black people on screen living their normal lives. Watching her journey gives me hope.

Name your current secret obsession and why?

My current secret obsession is finding and watching old tv shows while I work. I absolutely love tv nostalgia, and lately, I've been trying to dig up old tv shows from my childhood that I used to catch here and there but was too young to fully watch. Growing up, channels like UPN, BET, and WB were always on in our house. In 2003 I was 8, but I recently found this show I used to see on commercials from that year called "Hey Monie," and it's so good! Also, the sitcom "Second Time Around" from 2004, "Getting Personal" from 1998, and others.

Watch “New Era” Here:

Artists are impactive in so many ways; how do you want to impact the world through your artistry?

I want to be heard, but I also hope that my art and my journey show that multifaceted black women artists and girls can take up space and not be placed in one box. In entertainment, especially the music industry, people tend to assume black women should look and sound like one set way, and I've gotten comments before, but there's beauty in authenticity and doing what fits you best. I'm a dancer, a musical artist, a documentary nerd, a foodie, and so much more that I try to express through my art with no limits.

When was the last time you tried something new? What was it?

Last weekend, I tried Japanese soufflé pancakes for the first time at this spot in SoHo, and whew, they were SO good!

What are you manifesting in 2023?

2023 I’m manifesting joy and creating art that I love all year, from choreography to music!

Watch “Dusk/Night” Here:

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