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On The Spot Interview - EDIE Toils Through Breakup Blues With Her Latest Single "Villain"

The annals of contemporary music history have once produced the quote, "You can either die a hero/or live long enough to watch yourself become a villain," and all bad guy/girl origin stories are rooted in an injustice enacted towards their upbringing, forming them into broken - chaos wielding individuals. For Perth/Boorloo-born artist EDIE and her latest single, "Villain," the plot twist lies in one gentleman who became a stranger and couldn't be a savior to the young, romantic dreams of the vivid pop-rock songstress. "Villain" serves as a poignant exploration of heartbreak, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of breaking free from the hold of a toxic relationship.

EDIE's musical journey traces back to a pivotal moment in her childhood, ignited by the profound impact of Disney Channel's "Lemonade Mouth." At the tender age of 11, she found herself captivated by the film's portrayal of youthful rebellion and artistic camaraderie, planting the seeds of inspiration that would eventually blossom into a flourishing career in music. Drawing from influences as diverse as Hole, Olivia Rodrigo, and MARINA, EDIE's sonic palette is a rich lineage of indie-pop sensibilities infused with a rebellious punk spirit, underscored by her unwavering commitment to social justice and gender equality.

With "Villain," EDIE ventures into the murky depths of post-heartbreak turmoil, channeling her raw emotions into a raw and unfiltered Indie Pop anthem that resonates with listeners on a visceral level. Co-written with collaborators Siobhan Cotchin and Dylan Ollivierre, the track serves as a cathartic release of pent-up frustration and longing, capturing the tumultuous journey of moving on from a failed relationship while still grappling with unresolved feelings of resentment and betrayal.

From a production standpoint, "Villain" showcases EDIE's keen attention to detail and unwavering commitment to authenticity. Each element of the song, from its infectious hooks to its dynamic instrumentation, is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia and emotional resonance, drawing listeners into EDIE's world with its raw vulnerability and undeniable charm.

Delving deeper into EDIE's creative process unveils a methodical approach to songwriting that begins with visual aesthetics before the lyrics take shape. With a keen eye for storytelling and a penchant for cinematic imagery, EDIE crafts each song like a miniature film, weaving together narrative threads of love, loss, and redemption with effortless grace. For her, the creative journey is as much about self-discovery as it is about artistic expression, with each song reflecting her innermost thoughts and emotions.

In this installment of On The Spot, EDIE offers a rare glimpse into the creative process behind "Villain" and the thematic undercurrents that drive her artistry. With candid insights into her influences, aspirations, and personal growth, she paints a vivid portrait of the emotional landscapes that fuel her music. Let us delve deeper into the mind of this burgeoning musical talent, uncovering the stories behind the songs and the resilience that defines her journey. 

Take us back. Do you recall the moment you told yourself, "I'm going to make this my career" Describe that moment. What made you pursue this career?

The moment I realized this was when I watched a Disney Channel movie called Lemonade Mouth! I was about 11 then, and I remember feeling so inspired. It's about a group of high school kids who form this band, and I just loved it! I love creating and knew I had to do something within the arts.

How would you describe your artistic style?

I'm very inspired by the Gothic aesthetic. Visually, my artistic style is very dark, moody, and even a bit mythological. Sonically, I have an indie-pop vibe with a dash of rock and punk! The uneasiness of the Gothic times pairs well with what I'm trying to express in my music.

What are you most passionate about? What themes or concepts do you explore in your music?

I'm very passionate about gender equality. As an English and Gender Studies student at university, the themes I explore in class can be applied to my music.

Are there any specific artists or movements that have influenced your work?

Some big influencers are Hole and Olivia Rodrigo. That angry girl pop-punk inspires my own work so much. Lyrically, a big inspiration of mine would be MARINA (fka Marina and the Diamonds). Her ability to be completely honest in her songs is crazy to me; I want to get to that level of confidence!

If you had to title this chapter in your life, what would it be?

This era that I’m in would have to be called something like ‘Angry Girl Summer.’

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Yesterday, I tried an Aperol Spritz for the first time… 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

"If it won't matter in 5 years, don't spend 5 minutes worrying about it." My mum always says this to me when I'm overly anxious or sad about something, and it really does help put things into perspective.

Has there ever been a time when you felt like giving up and starting a new path? What keeps you focused?

There have been times when the self-doubt creeps in, and I question whether I'm good enough. I'm trying to unlearn my need for validation, but when you're in this industry, it can be hard not to focus on that! I just focus on my work, the art itself, and how much I enjoy creating - that always puts me back on track.

What has been the most exciting thing that has happened to you recently?

The most exciting thing that's happened recently was creating my new music video! Seeing my vision come to life was indeed an amazing experience. My director, Stephanie Senior, is incredible and completely understands my dream.

In your opinion, whom do you consider to be a visionary? What about them do you admire most?

It must be Taylor Swift for me. She has changed what it means to be a woman in the music industry. There's this idea that once a woman reaches a certain age, she becomes 'irrelevant.' Taylor inspires me, and I'm sure there are many others you can keep going up and up and never stop!

How do you show up for yourself? As in, what does self-care look like for you?

Therapy! Learning to unpack and do the work is challenging but rewarding in the long run. Not bottling things up and expressing my emotions has helped me so much. And binge-watching Supernatural…

The past years have been life-changing. What's something new you've learned or discovered about yourself in the past 3 years? How have you applied that to your work?

That I’m okay to be alone. Breakups suck so much but they also give you an opportunity to take back your life and focus on discovering yourself and what you truly want. This experience has definitely influenced my songwriting and also sort of acts as part of the healing process for me.

What was the inspiration for your new project? Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the music?

My biggest inspiration for 'Villain' was the heartbreak that came from the end of a long-term relationship. I explore my own selfish desire for my ex to hurt as much as I do and the idea that we must hate them to move on.

Describe the creative process. When did you know you had the final cut?

For me, I start with the aesthetic and visuals before I've even written the song! I plan a whole music video and realize, "Oh, I need to actually write a song now!". It's just how I go about songwriting. For me, when I knew I had the final cut, it was when the song was done, and it completely matched the original vibe and direction I began with. It's one of those full-circle moments.

What do you feel has been your biggest growth as an artist?

My biggest growth has been learning to trust my own abilities and talent. I was so caught up in comparing myself to other amazing artists that I didn't have faith in myself to pursue music. Building my confidence back up has definitely been a big moment for me.

Following your dreams comes with many ups and downs. What would you say is the hardest thing about following your dreams?

Honestly, how much money goes into making music! From recording to mixing to mastering and then for photoshoots and music videos, it all builds up and can get quite overwhelming. But it makes me so happy to see my work come to life that I wouldn't change a thing.

In your opinion, what do you think is not fair about today's music industry?

The fact that the music industry expects artists to take on so many jobs. As independent artists, we can't simply create art; we must cover many avenues. Luckily, I enjoy making video content, but I know it can be tricky for others. 

How do you hope your artwork resonates with viewers or impacts the world?

I hope my work sheds light on feelings that listeners have repressed. I want to lay out all my thoughts. Sometimes, I treat my songwriting the same way I do my diary! Letting it all out helps, and I hope viewers can relate to what I share with the world!

What's next for you artistically?

This year is a big one for me! I have a couple more singles coming out, a music video, and then finally, later in the year, an EP! I'm so excited to share everything.

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