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On The Spot - Bandile Mthembu: Exploring the Visionary Mindset

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

In a world of creative nomads, Bandile Mthembu stands out as a true artistic polymath. With projects ranging from board games, music, CSI initiatives, artist management, and business consulting, Mthembu's diverse portfolio reflects his insatiable curiosity and boundless imagination.

When questioned about the basis for his most recent undertaking, Mthembu shows his intense passion for all facets of life. He admits, "I'm continuously motivated by new things every day. "I take pleasure in assisting others in developing their God-given abilities and potential." He has started working on a board game that reimagines the history of Africa through the perspective of a Neo Africa because of his dedication to encouraging mastery and the pursuit of potential. It demonstrates Mthembu's passion for crafting compelling stories and new storylines.

Mthembu takes a fluid and intuitive approach when deciding on a creative direction or style. His creative process is closely related to the hours of darkness when he finds comfort in stilling his thoughts and letting himself dream. His original ideas result from carefully balancing outside stimuli and introspective thought.

In this installment of #OnTheSpot, we examine Bandile Mthembu's creative process as an ongoing investigation of self-expression and personal development. With his multifaceted approach, unshakeable self-belief, and dedication to fostering love, Mthembu is well-positioned to make a lasting impression on the globe. We anxiously anticipate the next installment of his incredible creative voyage as he continues to push boundaries and rethink artistic possibilities.

Image Credit: Bandile Mthembu

What was the inspiration for your new project? Can you tell us more about it?

I'm constantly inspired by different things every day and I work on different projects concurrently, so I may pull on other inspiration points and voilà… I'm not sure how in-depth I can go with my projects without too much away, but I am developing a board game inspired by the vision of a Neo Africa and a re-telling of Africa's history. When it comes to Artist Management, I am inspired by mastery of the art; I'm not only referring to music but rather a mastery of one's raison d'etre. I enjoy helping people reach their full potential with their God-given talents.

How does your current project compare to your past work? What creative space are you in currently?

The projects I work on are vastly different from one another. I'm a creative nomad. The projects I work on are determined by my interests at the time. It can go from gaming, music, CSI initiatives, fashion, business consulting, and artist management. Of course, all of this exposure to these industries grows my knowledge bank and me personally. It's what keeps Me creative.

When you make a decision about a creative direction or style for a project, do you stick to it, or do you often change the original concept? What does your creative process look like? Was it different for this project?

I really don't know what dictates the creative direction of most of what I work on; it comes to me when it comes to me. I don't force it at all. The same goes for the original concept; it can stay the same or be refined with new ideas.

My creative process? I usually work best at night, after a bath. With my headphones and good music, I clear my head and allow myself to dream. Sometimes I listen to an audiobook and allow myself to get lost in it.

Who's currently influencing your life the most?

I grew up in a house filled with strong women, so of course, I will say, My Mom and my 3 sisters. I've got three Intelligent, strong, and beautiful Sisters who exude so much strength, then there is My Mom's strength. It is beyond words, I'm yet to fathom it, or maybe I shouldn't try but rather just revel in it and be grateful to have witnessed such strength in my Lifetime. When I recognize women like Nomfundo Mlambo (phenomenal Woman) exhibit extraordinary strength, I can't help but want to emulate that kind of strength and be a better version of myself.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

This one is somewhat hard because I have had a few Mentors, and I have collected a wealth of great advice from them all, but I will have to go with "Don't doubt Yourself." My mentor Lerato Sejeng told me that, and it's been doing wonders for me.

What's a phrase or saying you use almost every day?

I’m Godly.

I don't run with the crowd; the crowd runs with me…

Pick your poison. I'm a multifaceted person; I don't have just one phrase, I can't, that's dangerous and self-containing. Personally, I think it's impossible to have just one phrase in your life. Different situations in my life call different phrases.

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What's the hardest change in your life you had to go through?

Loving Myself. I wept when I realized I wasn't giving Myself the love I needed. It's easy to lose sight of this. I picked Myself up and gave myself all the love I deserve.

In your opinion, whom do you consider to be a visionary?

Would it be too much to say myself? I mean, just because my name isn't that well known for now doesn't take away from the fact that I am a visionary. I mean, You are doing a piece on me right now that tells Me someone is listening to my visionary mindset.

Name your current secret obsession and why?

Well, if I told you it wouldn't be a secret now, would it? However, since you asked, I have to say it's Taylor Swift. There is something about the way she composes her music. It reveals a bit of her character and somehow still manages to be relatable. That's a sign of a great artist. But I guess music hits Me differently at different stages of My life. It's been a while since music has touched me on a whole new emotional level, almost making me cry (or I think it did), and that happened while I was listening to Taylor. So naturally, I will want to explore that a bit more.

Artists are impactive in so many ways; how do you want to impact the world through your artistry?

The most powerful force in the world is freely available to all of us, even at this very moment. How do I want to impact the world? Make the world aware of the Power of Love.

When was the last time you tried something new? What was it?

When I woke up this morning, What was it? Today. I've never lived today before, so it's all new to me. Makes me appreciate it all the more. It's now; it's ever-present.

What are you manifesting in 2023?

A state of Grace. I feel if I am in a constant state of Grace, everything else will fall into place.

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