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On New Single "Polytics," IDMAN Invites Us To Consider Love In All Its Forms

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

At a time when society is re-examining the man-made constraints on romance, rising star IDMAN’s new single “Polytics” is more relevant than ever.

Through lyrics that feel both electric and soothing, IDMAN explores the often turbulent (read: “messy, messy, messy, messy”) nature of our dating landscape. Ultimately, they reject the idea that only one iteration of love is valid. They also assert that alternative expressions of love, like polyamory, are not as complex as we make them seem.

“It's not how or the way in which we love that is the most complex thing — it's the love itself,” they said. “Who? What? Where? And how? It’s all arbitrary. Love itself is universally difficult, complex, and especially in 2021, challenging AF to navigate."

The dreamy visual accompanying “Polytics” begins with a sultry declaration: “There are no rules in the game of love. I can love. You can love. And they can love too.” We see IDMAN nestled in a 70s ball chair as they switch between bashfully whispering to and arguing with their lover — familiar ends of the romance spectrum. Paired with IDMAN’s silky vocals, the visual is a timeless ode to love in all its manifestations.

Given the Kris Jenner-level PR monogamy has, it’s understandable that discussing polyamory will be uncomfortable for some. But on their debut single, “Down For It,” IDMAN reminded us that they have “never been down for the comfortable/That’s just impossible.”

IDMAN isn’t all talk: Born in Somalia and raised between Toronto, Nairobi, and Maine, they have navigated an array of difficult life experiences. They’ve previously spoken about being the only hijab-wearing person in the room, a situation that spurred a greater sense of self-awareness. They’ve also worked as a racial justice activist, which led to a few run-ins with the law. Although they may no longer lead protests on the streets, IDMAN’s music is still of service to society by providing much-needed pockets of Black joy. It's further contextualized when you find out the artists they're inspired by: Solange, Amy Winehouse, and Janelle Monáe.

With their first release, IDMAN proved they could stand toe-to-toe with established new-age pop stars. “Polytics” is a worthy addition to their discography, and their forthcoming EP, Risk (2022), is sure to be just as exciting.

Watch the music video:

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