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Music As A Form Of Healing With Digital Sangoma

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

In the heat of a time where art and healing is needed now more than ever, Afro Electronic music producer and artist Digital Sangoma delivers his EP ‘Recall’ where he repurposes his audiences’ favourite tracks, introduces himself to a new audience and creates almost a nostalgic feeling around our view on themes such as hope, healing and faith. Themes that all people have been distanced from in the time we are currently living in.

In experiencing this body of work, we are challenged to reunite with things forgotten and lost, but what stands out most is how we are re-taught about hope in one of his songs, “Izodlula”, which translates literally to "It will pass". With this song, there is a heavy emphasis on there being a light at the end of the tunnel.

When asked about the core of his process when making “Izodlula” and his other music, he shares

The reason why the EP is called Recall is because these are songs I produced last year and with this particular song, I felt more connected to it because of my own experiences and that pushed me to want to expand on my story and give the song a facelift. We are different people going through different things but I believe when we move away from fighting the pain and face it, we get closer to overcoming

Watch The "Izodlula" Live Performance

Our connection to this song rests more on the emotion that it evokes in us, rather than the instruments themselves. It can be what the song reminds us of or where it takes us. Taking it upon himself to produce from that point as well, the artist allows us carte blanche to find whatever it is we relate to the most with this music.

Once I produce the song, there's a phase where I listen to a song for two hours straight. I can listen to it just over and over again, not doing anything else, just listening to the entire song because of what it does to me. There's something that it does in my spirit.
A good friend of mine once said to me, you know, maybe what you're doing at that time is you really giving emotion and life to the song, you know, transferring that energy so that when somebody else is listening to it, they get to feel the same way. Because that's what music is, it's all about energy.

Digital Sangoma begins his song by reminding the listener of what he has brought them here for, namely that 'nale izodlula' meaning 'this too shall pass'. From there, he moves the listener into an introspective mood with lines such as "when your friends are gone" and "if your heart is broken" which gives a sense that he is seeking to make space for people with similar experiences. In this soul-moving song, he demonstrates not only his intention to comfort the listener, but himself as well, especially during times of crisis.

‘All these songs are like messages to myself’

With music like this in times like these, there is a need to draw us closer to peace within ourselves. To provide us with a sense of balance we might not be getting from the outside. In times of despair, it is here that we put our trust in the craft of music to show us what we do not have the strength to see and, similar to what Digital Sangoma's music does, to help us redefine what hope and healing means to us.

We took a last glance at Recall and realized that seeing the intent of an artist's work allows us to discover our own messages through their work. We found a comforting message in how the first 3 tracks on the EP are placed and it is a beautiful embodiment of what hope and the promise of healing looks like in the sphere of music as an art form.

“Uzunyamezele” - “Hold on,”
“Izodlula” - “This too shall pass.”
“Lizophum’ilanga” - “The sun will rise again”


Digital Sangoma is set to release a song titled "Emaweni" which discusses the possibilities and opportunities that come with a new season and transitioning from the bad to good. This single drives forward the notion of being able to accept ourselves, to heal, to love, to trust ourselves and others after rejections from various aspects of life, whether it's a career, love, friendship, or family loss and ultimately to open our hearts again.

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Described as an uplifting and hopeful song with elements of alternative, dance, and indie music, "Emaweni" will be released on September 24th, 2021.

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