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Monique Yvonne Jones A Self Taught Visionary of Creative Productions

Monique Yvonne Jones, a young and exceptionally talented individual, began her journey toward becoming a professional model in 2019. Despite facing initial rejections from various agencies and difficulties finding photographers to collaborate with, she took matters into her own hands. 

Fueled by her profound passion for photography, Monique built an impressive portfolio with stunning self-portraits, showcasing her dual talents as a model and photographer. Exploring a myriad of nuances, her photography style encompasses dramatic lighting, raw emotions, and distinctive use of vibrant neon colors. Her innovation extends to crafting set designs, seamlessly integrating fashion and beauty, showcasing her mastery of production, and setting her apart in the field.

Currently signed with One Management Talent Company and Storm Models, Monique commands an audience of over 1 million on TikTok, and Instagram. In addition to her self-portraits, she creates captivating short films, serving as the mastermind behind the direction, production, and acting in her creations. Noteworthy films like 'The Everlasting’, 'No Regrets’, and 'The Game' have garnered millions of views, attracting audiences with Monique's unique neo-dramatic cinematic style that explores themes of love, adventure, depression, and fear.

Monique has collaborated with esteemed partners such as Maison Valentino, Warner Bros, and Gucci, consistently elevating visual content with her distinctive touch.

Returning from a brief filmmaking hiatus, Monique graced our screens with "XOX," a sweet yet suspenseful horror short film. The plot unfolds as her character inadvertently traps herself while entering the bathroom, leaving the mop outside the sliding door. A mysterious tic-tac-toe board appears from being slid underneath the door, initiating an unnerving game for her freedom. As the players take turns sliding the paper in and out from the door, a subtle romance unfolds between them in this game. Upon winning, she is freed and able to escape. Still, the mystery player's identity and whereabouts in the house linger in uncertainty, keeping both the main character and viewers on edge. Monique enhances this short with eerie cinematic visuals, and dark tones, and perfectly aligns them with the haunting soundtrack of the song 'Run From Me' by Timber  Timbre. 

Stay Connected:

Instagram: @moniqueyvonn

Tiktok: @moniqueyvonne


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