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Lillie-Jo Dismisses A Lover Whose Overstayed His Welcome With Her Latest Single, “TBH"

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Lillie-Jo is a singer-songwriter and model from Islington, North London. Poised with a calm demeanour and soulful voice, growing up in a pub where she was exposed to a range of artists from Frank Sinatra to Timi Yuro, Etta James, and Amy Winehouse inspired her to develop her artistic and performance acumen.

After having her debut single “Battle” documented on Channel 5, Lillie-Jo shares her latest single, “TBH”, dubbed her most honest song to date. Written and recorded in under an hour. With a detached and indifferent expression, the lo-fi ambient production finds Lillie expressing to her drunk love interest that she is too busy and disinterested in him to continue with the relationship.

Her London accent, accentuated by quotes such as "I can smell the whiskey right through the phone", gives the impression that the partner in question must have given Lillie numerous reasons to stay busy and intentionally forget about him.

Whether he was abusive, a cheater or anything you can tie to his evident alcohol addiction, he seems to have inspired her to be better off alone and away from her phone.

Granted, the ending of a relationship is rarely an easy thing. You can’t help but wonder what would have been if you became a better person sooner or if your then partner wasn't so quick to give up on you and at the very least tried to work out the differences that challenge the relationship.

However, I applaud Lillie for taking the lesser evil and expressing that she would rather be alone than waste both her and the gentleman's time when they could equally be working on themselves and searching for better partners to date.

There is quite a powerful lesson in letting go and investing in your betterment as opposed to prolonging the inevitable; Lillie-Jo not only shows us that one ought to work on themselves before considering a relationship but that in the event that things are not working out, there is no shame in expressing your disinterest and subsequently ending the relationship.

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