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"KZN’s Artistic Tapestry Unveiled: Amratlal and Gumada's Grand Convergence"

South Africa is alive with possibilities." It is a phrase that encapsulates the dynamic spirit and ever-evolving creativity of this nation where our artists continually push the boundaries of creativity. In the heart of this ever-evolving landscape, a new exhibition has emerged, offering a captivating glimpse into the uncharted territories of artistic collaboration and the innovative use of mediums. Aptly titled "In a Bind," this exhibition stands as a testament to the transformative power of the artistic process.

At its core, "In a Bind" is a visual symphony of two distinct creative voices converging to create something entirely unique. Within the confines of their shared artistic space, Gumada and Amratlal bring their respective talents and mediums to the forefront, weaving a story that is as inspiring as it is visually stunning. The very essence of this exhibition lies in its commitment to exploring the uncharted waters of artistic collaboration, forging new paths in a world that is constantly evolving.

What sets "In a Bind" apart from the ordinary is the diversity of mediums employed by Gumada and Amratlal . Each artist brings their own, highly individualized South African craft to the floor. From the tactile attraction of pleather to the intricacies of Incema and fabric, their work is a testament to the breadth of human creativity. Their shared vision takes shape through a harmonious collision of these unique materials, breathing life into ideas that were once relegated to the realm of dreams.

As we delve deeper into the heart of "In a Bind," we will explore the artists' backgrounds, their creative journeys, and the poetic pieces that have emerged from their collaboration.

Rohini Amratlal

Born in the vibrant city of Durban, Rohini Amratlal is a star in the realm of contemporary South African visual arts. With a diverse portfolio encompassing a wide spectrum of creative mediums, Amratlal seamlessly transitions between the roles of a contemporary artist and a curator, adding a unique and dynamic touch to her artistic pursuits.

Amratlal's work transcends conventional artistic boundaries. Her creative journey finds expression in a multitude of mediums, ranging from the intricate world of drawings and the expressive realm of prints to the immersive experience of installations. This versatile approach not only showcases her artistic dexterity but also underscores her commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Rohini Amratlal - 2020-Umama -Dry point on paper-70x50cm

Rohini Amratlal's artistic vision emerges as a striking embodiment of these contradictions. Her choice of materials, incema grass and white cloth, serves as the warp and weft of her woven compositions. The result is titanium, A fabric fusion that captures the essence of South Africa's national conflicts, reconciliations, and moments of shared comfort. Through the medium of her art, Amratlal vividly encapsulates the nation's ongoing journey toward unity, love and respect, mirroring the intricate interplay of its diverse elements and how we pride ourselves of our Indigenous Arts.

Rohini Amratlal – Is this what love is – tapestry with white cotton fabric dry grass and cotton string-85x93cm

Mfezeko Gumada

In contrast Mfezeko Gumada revels in complex puzzle-like repeats that suggest ribbons thread, on pleather; Pictures groups of armored material, and fabric stitched onto cardboard - all coming together like a pixelated puzzle, filled with meanings. cross-stitching emulating informal settlement houses.

Ematyotyombini 2023 – pleather

Mfezeko Gumada, a contemporary artist originally from Flagstaff, Eastern Cape, made a significant move to Durban in 2014. Gumada's artistic inspiration draws from the remarkable dung beetle, also known as "uqongqothwane." His creative endeavors encompass a wide array of materials, resulting in the creation of drawings, prints, and installations meticulously curated to delve into his personal experiences. These creations serve as a poignant reflection of the enigmatic aspects of post-apartheid South Africa, preserving memories of the uncharted territories that the nation has navigated.

Notably, Mfezeko Gumada also contributed to the art world as an assistant curator at the DUT Art Gallery. Beyond his role in the gallery, he has ventured into entrepreneurship, specializing in crafting one-of-a-kind garments, custom leather bags, and exquisite jewelry pieces. Mfezeko has actively participated in several group exhibitions, leaving his artistic imprint on both Durban and Pretoria.

Emi Emsini – 2023 –brown paper threads -fabriano

We look forward to welcoming the public on October 20th, 2023, at the KZNSA Gallery, where the vibrancy of South African culture and artistry will come to life. Don't miss this chance to be part of an artistic exploration that promises to be both captivating and thought-provoking. Your presence will only enhance the weaving of this extraordinary exhibition.

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