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KOS is putting the past behind her and moving into a new light with her debut EP “DYSANIA”

As the infamous holiday of Valentine's Day approaches, KOS's “DYSANIA” EP comes at the perfect time. Rooted in the authentic sounds of Neo Soul DYSANIA delivers a powerful message on breaking free from a toxic situation and learning to live confidently on your own. Love can be a beautiful experience but without loving, respecting, and understanding ourselves first, it's hard for anyone else to.

“I was given an ultimatum by the universe to either let heartbreak takeover or use that heartbreak to my own benefit and I chose option 2” - KOS

KOS (pronounced ‘‘chaos’’) is a 20-year-old R&B/soul singer, and songwriter from Long Beach, California. With a background in church choirs since the age of 7, music has always been a part of her life. Her early 2000’s Neo Soul sound brings back the nostalgia of an era of sensational soul music. While much of the R&B sound has been heavily merged with other mainstream genres. KOS stays true to the authenticity of soul and contemporary R&B, that is Neo Soul. With tracks like 'Set It Off" the lead single from the EP, listeners get emerged into the incredible lyricism and soothing vocals that KOS delivers. It's a track you'll definitely playback. ‘Set It Off’ has garnered KOS over 400 Spotify monthly listeners and has been added to 9+ Spotify playlists in just 2 weeks. It's a perfect debut project that truly showcases the rareness of an artist like KOS and her talents; on "Control", the second track off DYSANIA, she truly personifies “pushing her pen”. The whole album utilizes captivating hooks and delivers punchlines that rival hip-hop artists. With KOS, her music and writing abilities speak for themselves.

“The main message I want to be relayed is to trust your intuition and the voice in your head and VALUE YOURSELF above anything and everything”

DYSANIA will have 4 visuals, 1 Live Performance, and a small intimate live band concert of the entire EP. The success of her debut single is just a prelude to a promising career. This has been a new journey for KOS, however, we should all know that KOS is a name you’ll be hearing for years to come. DYSANIA is just the beginning.

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