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Jay-Way: Propelling the Genre Forward

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Anyone who's a fan of hip-hop knows that the genre can always use an infusion of fresh energy; this is where Jay-Way comes in. By combining elements of rap, pop, rock, and soul, he's creating a whole new sound that is both mainstream and alternative. His eclectic style and multi-lingual flow make him one of the most singular artists of our era. Jay-Way has been pioneering his own brand of hip-hop since 2019. He's built up an impressive fanbase through his relentless touring and dynamic live shows, where he invites people of all backgrounds to come together and share positive vibes. His success has earned him brand ambassador spots with PUMA and Dr. Martens, as well as signed modeling contracts with APL Worldwide and a previous collaboration with Converse.

The multi-talented artist is also an advocate and supporter of mental health. He uses his music and platform to spread a message of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. His lyrics serve as a reminder to listeners that life is more than a sum of hard times and instead can be filled with joy when we unify and embrace one another. Jay-way was invited to join the festival circuit, appearing at SXSW as well as a sold-out European tour alongside RINI. The same year, he was nominated for the Berlin Music Video Awards. He's back for 2023 with the release of his new single "Running Out of Love". The track showcases the signature sound of Jay-Way and promises to be the first of many great releases this year. With a sound all his own and confident melodies, Jay-Way is pushing the boundaries of the genre. He continues to strive for innovation, creativity, inclusivity, and individuality - all of which contribute to making him an artist with staying power and potential as an international sensation. As he enters the next phase of his career and preps for the release of a brand new album, one thing is certain: Jay-Way is here to stay, propelling the genre forward.

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ColorBloc Magazine: In 2020 you released 'your breakout EP 'No, I'm Not Ok,' which accumulated more than 3M Spotify streams after dropping a string of singles last year, you're back with your latest single 'Running Out of Love'. Can you tell us more about what inspired the track?

Over 3M streams is crazy, right? And this is Spotify only. “Running Out Of Love” is about my experiences in past relationships. Holding onto something when you know it's over. I hate the feeling, but it felt good writing about it. I always feel better when I put my thoughts on paper. It’s such a blessing being a songwriter.

ColorBloc Magazine: How would you describe the creative and mental space you are in now compared to when you were recording 'No, I'm Not Ok'?

I feel better than the space I was in during that time. Also, I've matured and know how to deal with mental obstacles much better.

ColorBloc Magazine: 'Running Out of Love' has an undeniable feeling of letting go, and moving on how were you able to capture this so vividly?

I wish I knew the answer. In my case, you’re unsure until you write. Every song is a challenge. It guides you. That's the beauty of songwriting. Sometimes you can have a concept with a message you want to drive home, or the theme develops during the creative process.

“Running Out Of Love”

ColorBloc Magazine: Love is a consistent recurring theme in your music, how do you define love?

Love is perfect. People are imperfect beings seeking perfection in others without knowing it. Those experiences...that's where these songs come from.

ColorBloc Magazine: Going from the recording studio to the main stage, what is it like performing for a live crowd? How do you approach the two?

I love both. I've developed a deep love for the studio over the years. I used to hate recording, but it helped me evolve artistically. I love experimenting with my voice and melodies.

As much as I love recording, it doesn't compare to experiencing the songs live. It’s the most rewarding feeling, especially when people know the songs and chant them back to you. I'm made for outside without question.

ColorBloc Magazine: Artists are impactive in so many ways, how do you want to impact the world through your artistry?

I want to show them it's possible. One of my biggest inspirations [Pharrell] said, "You can do it too,” and that's what I live by. I want to change how people look at the world and how they view themselves. You matter. We're family, and God has a purpose for you as well.

ColorBloc Magazine: Known to always rock a fresh fit, who are some of your style inspirations? And what is it like being a brand ambassador?

You think so? Well, thanks [laughs]. I draw inspiration from Anime, Tekken, Michael Jackson, and Amsterdam. I feel honored to be part of the Puma Family. It's a brand I love and appreciate. They've been very innovative over the last couple of years. I'm even more pumped now since Rihanna is back. Their collection has always been my favorite.

ColorBloc Magazine: Coming from a multicultural background, how has that influenced your artistry?

In a huge way. I grew up amongst Africans, Caribbeans, and Asians. Their cultural nuances always resonated with me. I was introduced to different cultures before I ever stepped onto a plane. Those unique elements will be explored in my upcoming releases.

ColorBloc Magazine: Recently you posted on Instagram that you thought you lost your juice referring to your songwriting. Can you talk to us about that loss and discovery?

I know I'm one of the best writers, but I'm human, too [laughs]. I'm critical of my art and had a session that felt disappointing. I was going through it mentally, and it affected my work. I felt like a failure, but I eventually got my juice back a week or so later.

ColorBloc Magazine: In your opinion, whom do you consider to be a visionary and why?

Tyler, The Creator. He was considered a weirdo in hip-hop but embraced it and inspired a whole generation simply by being himself. He’s finally getting the flowers he deserves for owning his individuality. That’s a major inspiration to me.

ColorBloc Magazine: Who are some artists that you're interested in working with in the future? Is there a Jay-Way + RINI track on the way?

Find out on the next episode [laughs]. No, but I would love to work with Rini. His voice and songwriting are a chef's kiss. I have a fire remix coming out in June featuring a dope artist. I'll be announcing it soon.

ColorBloc Magazine: It's been 3 years since your last project, does 'Running Out of Love' mean something coming this year, anymore you can tell us? Is the tracklist complete, Have you decided on a title for the project?

I'm finally releasing my debut album! We're putting the finishing touches on it right now. The visuals are about to go so dumb. The world is in for a treat. The album title will be announced soon too. Somewhere in the Fall is when I'll release it.


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