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iHiva Confronts The Hypocrisy of Judgement With His latest single, "Judge Not."

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

"Let us listen with open hearts and minds and put aside our differences."

Human nature is often ravaged by the pursuit of order, structure, ideals, morality, and perfection's elusive ideology. Those who believe/portray themselves to have a moral high ground usually lord their opinions by judging those who have struggled with the contorting limitations of discipline and have made mistakes that couldn’t remain in their closet for too long.

Following their debut single, “Take a stand”, the Reggae Reimagined collective iHiva released their brand new single, 'Judge Not', Comprised of a compelling reggae backbeat, evocative guitar solos and keyboard riffs with commanding vocals, which was was penned, recorded and self-produced in their home country, Australia.

"Some have a lot to say about lives they've never lived."

"Some can do no wrong".

“Judge Not is an ode of solidarity with those seen, rarely heard, and often misunderstood. With philosophical questions such as “Can you tell an honest man by the words he speaks?” and “Can you tell a humble man by the money in his pocket?” the rich social commentary reminds the listener that we are made of a glasshouse and are as equally fragile and imperfect as those whom we cast stones of condemnation.

Complimented by the biblical presence of Matthew 7:1-3 in addition to John 8:7, which form the poetic refrain in the hook, I am inspired to walk into every moment of conflict, injustice, and absence of discipline with more understanding to offer my fellow man not only room for error, more importantly, room, for improvement.

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