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Hurricane Dan Fischer Escapes From Romantic Angst With Visuals For His Latest Offering, "Clouds"

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

“I’m prolly top 2 if not the one you won’t be messing with…”

Need For Speed Classic Purists Tap In! Do you remember how it felt when your fingers were burning from the near 15-minute final Underground 2 race where you defeat small-town boss, Caleb Reece? How you imagined the interior lights glowing in your whip while soaking in your win? Eclectic Alternative Rap artist, Hurricane Dan Fischer, took me back to that nostalgic win with the minimalist-cum-prolific visuals for his latest single, “CLOUDS," shot by Paint Spiller.

Made with a RAW hemp pack and crusher in mind, the narrative of this simmering psychedelic bop produced by GT Beatz spews romantic disgruntlement delivered with a sinister calm and woozy harmonic vocal texture. If the songwriter's story arch is anything to go by; Dan plays into the street smart/pop (culture) smart muse trope, given the coded wit that is accessible enough for universal decoding, yet sentimental enough for the mystery lady in question to reminisce the memories she shared with HDF before she, we presume, ruined it.

From the sexually charged quote; "Instead I slid inside the panties/and I slapped it like the Grammys at my own will", to the disgusted, "The past is the past our shit was exclusive /now that pussy is public domain all that value you losin/It got you looking stupid", The story is reflective of a fling that was quirky, passionate, short-lived, and disappointing as Dan realized his love interest is not as rare as she'd given him the impression to be. Short of the China-eyes that come with a purple-haze blunt, the sober-faced Johannesburg-based rapper oozes nonchalance posted in the back of led lit orange whip delivering a mini cinematic experience.

At first glance of the intricate short film poetically colored by a double entre of blues hinting at how he feels blue over the bitter break up and blissful of the blue skies that greet his midnight highs, I was skeptical about the singular location. Maybe it's mainstream brainwashing but part of me was waiting for the mystery muse to get into the car, light one up and try to rekindle the toxic mix of sex drugs and backseat freestyles.

Alternatively, I would have loved to engage in a scene where a phone on the car seat on loudspeaker and baby girl is on the other end of the line being dramatically addressed to nothingness. However, if not being given screen time or a caricature adaptation that represents her is justice for our broody bachelor, it is suffice to say she got the message, in all its grand pettiness.

Do I find it risqué to be above it all and against being in a state of grounded soberness? Of course, sure it helps to take the edge off and exercise your Snoop Dogg Aviation License every once in a while however, it takes the ground to foster the street suave and savvy to cut through the bullshit and stay on top of the grind.

While Hurricane Dan Fischer's catalog houses witty single contemporaries such as "Love Was Cool,"Sunshine,” “UMPOMPI,” the collaborative “Mix’d Up,” album, and the “Cute Face, Lonley Heart” EP is a stretch short for my liking; his appetizing discography leaves an anticipatory aftertaste in my ears, perking at the prospect of future penmanship masterclass raps. Tell the labels to dish out the budget; we have an angler who has us hooked to a feast of clickbait bars, order up!

Watch CLOUDS Video Here:

Connect With Hurrican Dan Fischer

Twitter: @SkrptHD

Instagram: @__ntusi

Facebook: @HDMusic47


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