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Hunnah Pairs Up With Amindi To Unpack Her Ideal Man Checklist With Her Latest Single, "My Man"

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Ethiopian-Canadian, L. A based artist Hunnah took advantage of YouTube from the onset of her career. One cover song led to the next and culminated into her first EP, Show You, followed by singles, including the breakout single "Think About It" that amassed 3.6 million views on YouTube.

Enjoying the success of "Appreciate," praise on media outlets such as Billboard, The Fader, Complex, and more, synch placements which find her soulful music as part of the score for popular TV shows such as The CW’s All American as well as ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy Hunnah delivers her second single from her forthcoming offering Unloved titled "My Man."

Hunnah has been working on her perfect man list since high school. As ridiculous as her standards can get, it doesn't hurt a girl to dream.

6-foot sum, an Air force one lover, 31 with ambitious, in-between funny and quiet, sweet and non-judgemental are some of the qualities she seeks in her perfect man.

She turned this fond memory into a song co-written with her high school friends suggesting that anyone who plays their cards right could very well be her man.

Joining in the satire that opens the floor for the serious conversations of standards in modern relationships is her collaborator and Alternative R&B Artist Amindi, who certainly understood the assignment.

“My Man is a song I wrote with friends that I went to high school with, and since we've been friends for so long, they know how ridiculous my perfect man list can get, and so I had this idea to write down the things I've said about my dream guy and make a song out of that. And then, I asked Amindi to add a verse, and she completely understood the assignment. We ended up with something that's kind of satirical, maybe also kind of serious, but definitely a bop. “

Amindi left nothing to chance when she sent her bat signal out for her perfect man. Her checklist included qualities such as a man who buys anything she likes, a man who respects her privacy but doesn't hide her, and a man who doesn't waste her time.

Hardly one to shy away from cutting to the chase, Amindi left a number at the end of her verse for you to shoot your shot if you meet her standards (if it doesn't work, just DM for the real one, either way, hit her up).

A complimentary contract to the modal sad girl music which delves into themes of accountability for questionable acts, “My Man” adds to the up-tempo bops that filter the climate of modern R&B singles which call the notion of settling into to question.

The modern woman refuses to settle for the bare minimum, and she is not afraid to speak her mind.

This refreshing stance in relationship power dynamics has threatened those who thrive off traditional patriarchy; it has made courting all the more interesting for the modern, adaptable man.



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