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Goldie Luxx Gets Caught In A Web Of Entanglement With Her Latest Single “DRM”

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Introducing Santa Barbara-based singer Goldie Luxx. Her name plays on her golden curls while highlighting her inclination for perfectionism. After years of admiring soft alternative artists like Ibeyi, the 21-year-old singer moved to Hollywood to professionally pursue music. Goldie's mother raised her to the sounds of soul and reggae, which directly influenced her music production process.

The Independent alternative singer Goldie Luxx’s breakout single DRM quenches the listening senses with husky, soft modal voice, an alternative, upbeat production, and a confrontational montage of lyricism detailing an all-too-common young love story of toxic attachment.

"You said, "No Strings attached" / So Why Fill The Spiderweb?"

Goldie’s penmanship highlights not only her worth but the sweet spot of self-discovery where she draws the line in her entanglement and clarifies that she is ready to take things to the next level. Putting the proposition of being the official girl on the table, she reminds her man and the world that she won’t be overly consumed about what has happened in the past.

Directed by Embryo in the hills of Los Angeles, the DRM visual reveals Goldie's classy yet sexy, serious nature. The Cobweb-laden imagery likening being caught in a sticky situationship to a fly being caught in a spiderweb is quite the intelligent use of poetic device in a theatrical visual.

"When people listen to my music, I want it to feel as if they've taken ecstasy. I want them to be able to grab a feeling they relate to in the song and for them to want to listen to it again when it's over!"

Goldie plans to bless her fans with other soulful singles, such as "Spend Time," featuring Big Jade slated to be released later this year. In the meantime, let us get lost in the web of her sultry harmonies and try to become the official girls/boys in our situationships, which are the new age friend zones if we're frank.

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