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Exclusive Interview: Unveiling the Soulful Depths of Joy Postell

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Joy Postell is a gifted singer-songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland, and a creative force who has made waves with her raw and heartfelt compositions. Postell emanated from a musical household and possesses natural skill that permeates her deeply. She immerses listeners in her world of openness and self-discovery with her captivating narrative and evocative music, creating an array of emotions. The eagerly anticipated release of Joy Postell's EP, "The Magician," is here and she is ready to enchant the world with her introspective journey of healing, progression, and honesty.

Joy Postell's musical journey began in the cradle of musicianship, nurtured by her mother, a singer, songwriter, and vocal coach. Inspired by her upbringing and driven to feel whole and understood, Postell found solace in songwriting. Her unique blend of honesty, vibey tones, and moody atmospheres became the signature of her artistic style. Postell's previous project, "Diaspora," marked a pivotal moment in her career, as it not only connected her deeply to her roots and propelled her into the spotlight, garnering critical acclaim and a sold-out show in her hometown.

Introspection, personal development, and human connection are the core elements of Postell's creative investigation. She bravely explores her insecurities through her music, finding peace in solitude while putting her inner development to the test through partnerships. Her music is a tribute to the efficacy of self-reflection and the transforming potential of personal growth.

The first section of Postell's four-part series, "The Magician," demonstrates her artistic development and dedication to producing a painstakingly created body of work. The EP's flawless production creates a rich, deep auditory environment perfectly matching Postell's moving words. She invites listeners to accompany her on a trip into the depths of emotion with the help of her thoughtful and empathetic songs. The EP's premise, which centers on human growth and self-discovery, offers a seamless narrative that binds the project together.

In this exclusive interview, we examine Joy Postell's musical journey as an illustration of the transformational potential of art. Her reflective words, heart-stirring melodies, and unashamed vulnerability entice listeners into healing and introspection. Joy Postell also shares that she is getting ready to release her EP, "The Magician," and she's prepared to enchant the world with her sincere and moving songs. Joy Postell emphasizes her unquenchable determination to pioneer the way and leave an enduring imprint on the musical environment with each heartfelt note and each reflective phrase.

Please introduce yourself to us. Who are you, and what do you do?

Of course - I'm Joy Postell, a Singer, Songwriter, and overall creative from Baltimore, MD.

How were you introduced to your creative medium of expression? Why do you do what you do?

I was born into musicianship as my mother was a singer, songwriter, and vocal coach. I create art because it makes me feel whole and understood - Songwriting has always been my preferred medium of expression as it allowed me to build community and safe spaces when I needed it the most.

How would you describe your artistic style and medium?

Honest. Vibey. Moody.

What themes or concepts do you explore in your artwork?

It is constantly changing, but lately, I've been writing about testing my inner growth via relationships. Solitude is where I do the most reflecting and healing, but in relationships, I can put those lessons to the test and identify my blind spots through my partner.

Have you received any formal art education or training?

I was lucky enough to attend a middle school specializing in performing arts.

Do you have any notable achievements or awards in your artistic career?

I'll never forget when Chaka Khan happened to be at my show in Los Angeles, and she ran up to me after my performance to share how much she loved my voice. She asked me if I was recording my music yet, and I immediately looked around to see if she was talking to anyone else, as I was in utter disbelief. Her encouraging words definitely allowed me to further realize and polish the great potential I held within.

Are there any specific artists or movements that have influenced your work?

My work is most influenced by the legends who came before me, as I wouldn't be here without them. I watch a lot of interviews, and I'm so often in awe of the commitment to growth that my favorites have continued to display throughout their careers. As artists, we have many highs and lows, but remaining consistent is crucial to success. Allowing failure to be a lesson rather than a regret is a pivotal part of growing into our highest selves.

Are there any specific projects or collaborations that have been particularly meaningful to you?

My first project, Diaspora, will forever hold a special place in my heart. The night before I released the album, I was sleeping on my friend's couch at such a low point in my life. The next day I sold out a 500-capacity venue in my hometown of Baltimore, MD, and my life has not been the same since. Truly a moment I will cherish forever.

How do you hope your artwork resonates with viewers or impacts the world?

I hope that when people hear my art, they feel understood - I believe that art is the one place we can be ourselves without fear of judgment, and that's why I hold nothing back when I'm writing my songs. My art is my diary, and I hope that as I heal, the people who hear my art can heal as well.

Are there any upcoming exhibitions/performances/events, or projects you're excited about?

I'm super excited to release my EP, The Magician, on Wednesday, July 12th! This project will be the first of a four-part series, and it's my best and most intentional work thus far. I will also release the music video for the lead single, 'At Ease,' on Friday, July 7th, at Noon EST - I was lucky enough to work with some amazing people on these pieces, and I cannot wait to share!

Watch "At Ease" Lyric Video Here:

Stream “The Magician” Here:

Connect With Joy Postell.

Twitter: @joypostell

Instagram: @joypostell

YouTube: @joypostell


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