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Exclusive Interview: Tasha Angela's Latest Offering 'Who I Am’ Is An Ode To Ethereal Self-Discovery

A rising artist whose music transcends genres reaches a soulistic core where etherealness and emotion collide. Tasha Angela, a Canadian singer with a natural aptitude for writing memorable choruses, has started on a musical journey that resonates with listeners. She bravely exposes her vulnerabilities with her much-awaited project, "Who I Am," influencing us to examine her artistic development and the recovery of her identity via the lens of music.

Before diving into the depths of 'Who I Am,' it's essential to acknowledge Tasha Angela's past creative endeavors. From her early experiences of learning the piano to being influenced by the likes of Sade, Alicia Keys, and Idina Menzel, her musical journey found its roots in diverse inspirations. These influences shaped her artistic style and instilled the belief that her dream of becoming a musician was attainable, especially as a woman of color in the industry.

At the heart of 'Who I Am' lies a compelling narrative of self-discovery and growth. From the opening track, where Tasha confidently proclaims her identity, to the heartfelt expressions of love and pain in "Love Is My Condition" and "Space & Time," Tasha Angela's album touches upon themes of relationships, mental health, spirituality, and sensuality. This candid exploration of her life and early twenties showcases her ability to connect profoundly with listeners.

Tasha Angela's ability to seamlessly blend soul, indie, R&B, pop, and jazz elements gives birth to a uniquely expressive and transcendent sound. Drawing inspiration from various genres, she molds her music with captivating synths and guitars, creating an evocative tapestry of emotion. The album's infusion of the timeless sounds from the 80s adds a touch of nostalgia while maintaining a modern and distinctive flavor.

In this exclusive interview, we explore Tasha Angela's musical artistry, delving into the seamless blend of ethereal and emotive elements that define her unique sound. We dive into her approach to storytelling through music, where she emphasizes the power of vulnerability and openness as she channels personal hardships into beautiful melodies. The interview further explores the influence of the 80s era on "Who I Am," as Tasha Angela seeks to infuse timeless sounds with a modern and distinctive flavor. Her desire to create relatable music rooted in genuine emotions is evident as she considers songwriting her superpower, drawing from personal experiences to ensure authenticity in her work.

Watch “The One” Here:

Your music has been described as ethereal and emotive, drawing on various genres like soul, indie, R&B, pop, and jazz. How do you blend these different elements seamlessly and create a uniquely expressive and transcendent sound?

It comes from a wide range of musical interests, such as taking bits and pieces from each genre I love and allowing them to come together independently if that makes sense. Hearing certain synths or guitars on an indie song that I love, for example, and making a mental note to use in a song I write with a more R&B feel makes it unique and interesting to play around with. I try my best to stay distinctive in my sound, which is one way I achieve this.

Can you share how your childhood experiences, such as learning piano at a young age and being influenced by artists like Sade, Alicia Keys, and Idina Menzel, have shaped your musical journey and artistic style?

My initial spark for wanting music as a career was when I watched the play WICKED and could not stop listening to the cd and playing the songs on the piano. Artists like Alicia and Sade made me feel it was attainable, though, because that was one of the first times I saw artists who looked like me (a woman of color) achieving success and maintaining originality. It is rare to see that, which helped my confidence to go for it.

The lyrics in your songs are often described as visceral and deeply personal. How do you approach storytelling through your music and ensure that your lyrics resonate with listeners emotionally?

The thing with songwriting is that there needs to be a correct formula. It comes from an unexplainable source beyond my understanding; however, being vulnerable and open about my experiences and challenges helps as an emotional outlet, like therapy, and therefore allows listeners to connect and relate to the music.

You have mentioned that music has been an emotional outlet for you and that you channel your vulnerable moments into your songs. How do you navigate the process of turning personal hardships into something beautiful that can also help others who may be going through similar experiences?

Looking inward and self-reflection is always a good place to start. In life, we go through many ups and downs, and music is valuable because it allows me to express the highs and the lows, which is very powerful. After all, that affects people's emotions, and I use music as a tool to uplift others through my lyrics and tempo of music in hopes that it helps and relates to others.

Your debut album, "Who I Am," focuses on self-exploration and growth. Can you elaborate on the themes and concepts explored in the album and how it represents your journey of rediscovering your identity?

I chose the title “Who I Am” because I think during the writing process, I was in a self-discovery mode and very conscious of not wanting to sound like what has already been done before. I also was navigating my life and early 20s, which was no joke, and it all tied in together to be a fitting title. Exploring themes of love and pain, growth, god, sensuality, and mental health, these are all the things I have faced so far that led me to this exact moment. I think I've learned and have grown a lot which is why it felt like I had so much to say

You've mentioned that the album takes inspiration from the 80s. Could you explain how this era influences the sound and aesthetic of "Who I Am" and why you incorporated those elements?

The 80s was an era of timeless music, and that is what I wanted this album to be. I love 80's music sonically as well as lyrically. It felt very fitting as my first album to have sounds that people recognize but to do so that it still sounds modern and unique.

With the release of "Love Is My Condition" and "Away," you mentioned that the song concepts arose organically from your personal experiences. How important is it for you to create music that is relatable to others and rooted in genuine emotions?

Songwriting is my superpower, and it would be super hard for me to sing other people's lyrics and convey genuine emotion, so I try my best to write from the heart and personal experiences. That way, it is genuine, but I do take mental notes to ensure I write the best music possible.

Watch "Love Is My Condition// AM 55 Sessions”:

As you prepare for the release of "Who I Am," how would you describe the overall experience and emotions that listeners can expect when they listen to the album from start to finish?

I described it as a release of endorphins from top to bottom recently. The music takes you on an emotional journey with me; however, it doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste, and there is beauty and light at the end of the tunnel.

How do you feel your writing has evolved and matured throughout your musical career, and what can listeners expect from your songwriting on "Who I Am" compared to your previous releases?

My debut album is a reflection of my growth as not only an artist but as a person as well. Listening to my debut EP, I can see the growth in writing, vocally, etc. That was one of my goals when writing this project, and I will continue to do so for upcoming releases.

What are your aspirations as an artist, and how do you see your music evolving in the future?

I hope that my music reaches more people and that as I continue to evolve and grow as a person, so does my music. My dream is to go on my own tour and travel and work with more artists as well.

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